Bruno Gröning (1906 – 1959) was born in the city of Danzig-Oliva, (now Gdansk, Poland) as the fourth child in a sibling group of seven. His father was Polish and his name was August Grönkowski, and the mother, Margarethe, was German. From early childhood, Bruno had a calming and healing effect on his surroundings. In the years from 1949 it became clear that he was a transformer of the power of God. From 1949 to 1959, mass healings took place when Bruno Gröning spoke to people at the Traberhof near Rosenheim in Germany.

Who was Bruno Gröning?

We let him speak for himself through his dictation from 1955

"I, Bruno Gröning, living in Plochingen (Neckar), Stumpenhof, in Dornendreher 117, was born on 30.5.1906 in Danzig-Oliva, as the fourth child of seven siblings, by the couple August and Margarete Gröning. My father was a bricklayer. Both my parents are dead, mother in 1939, father in 1949.
During my childhood and adolescence, which I spent at home, I became more and more aware that I had special qualities that emanated from me, and that made an impression, because they had a calming or healing effect on humans and animals. Even as little child, people who were sick were free from their ailments when I was around, and children and adults who were upset or contentious became completely calm when I spoke a few words to them.
As a child, I also experienced that animals that were usually shy or considered dangerous were tame and good-natured towards me. The relationship with my home was therefore special and tense. I soon strived for independence to get rid of all the misunderstandings in the family.
I went to primary school for almost 5 years. After I got out of there, I got into business education. Here I was two and a half years. I had to give up this profession because my father demanded it. He wanted me to learn a trade instead. I followed his wishes, and learned the carpentry profession. I did not get a journeyman's certificate, because there were such bad times and high unemployment in Danzig, and I had to quit six months before the apprenticeship was over because the company I worked for had to be closed down.
In the year 1925, I succeeded in setting up a building and furniture carpentry and making myself independent. After almost two years, I stopped this activity and worked at the factory and with incidental work until 1943. Then I worked at a chocolate factory, at the post office in Danzig as a telegram courier, approx. nine months and at Siemens and Halse as a low-voltage fitter. Here I worked mostly independently. I did all the work with interest, and it was especially important for me to carry out practical work to be able to study the knowledge that people in different sections of the population have, and how they organize their lives. I sought out not only the very poorest, but also the very richest, to find out how they lived. Their private lives as such did not interest me.
At the age of 21 I married Gertrud Hohn from Danzig. This marriage gave birth to two children who have since passed away.
In 1943, at the age of 37, I was drafted into the military. Because of my opinion, there were disagreements. For example, I was threatened with martial law because of my statement: "Whether I get to the front or not, I do not shoot a human". I finally got to the front anyway. In 1944, I was wounded by shrapnel in my right thigh. I arrived at the field hospital, but was - without being healed - put against the Russians on German soil, and in March 1945 I ended up in a Russian prison camp. There I did everything I could for my fellow prisoners, and this led to me being summoned for questioning by the Russian commander three times; once I was threatened with being shot. Among other things, I demanded that our German prisoners should at least be treated like animals, because they were treated worse than animals. Here, too, it again occurred to me to see that comrades in hopeless conditions were provided with help and relief. In December 1945, I was released and came to West Germany.
After my release from captivity in 1945, I took up residence in Dillenburg, and picked up my wife who had come to Schleswig as a refugee. In the post-war period, I took the work I could get to stay alive. I started refugee aid in West Germany together with refugees from Sudetenland. I was also a member of the housing commission, because I felt obligated to help the people.

As mentioned before, in my earliest childhood I had experienced that I had a certain ability to calm and heal both humans and animals, which some people have had for endless times. This effect is so strong in some people with this talent that mental and physical disorders that have not been able to be remedied through other healing methods are cured or significantly improved. What I have experienced in this area I will now briefly describe. Ever since I was a very young child, I have determined that the divine path was almost empty. Only here and there did I meet a good person. This made me very surprised. I went on and on, wandering through a forest. Here I met no people, but all the more animals, of all kinds. At first they were very anxious, and that surprised me a lot. But then the realization of good and evil came to me. I walked on and on, and got a clear picture.
I saw nature, the animals myself and humans as divine beings on this earth, and I also saw the earth as divine. The thought of God came to me, and I said to myself, “God, how good it is here with you. I want to stay here. At home with my parents, and with other people, it is not so good to be, nor so calm. Most people are very evil. I want to stay here, so I no longer have to fear the evil people”. I now also became aware that the animals stay in the forest because of the evil people. It did not take long before I felt much safer than at home with my parents, because here I was not so alone. The animals were suddenly no longer shy, and came up to me, full of confidence, and let me pet them. I talked to all the animals. Short, but we understood each other well. They joined me through the woods and we became better and better friends. I stayed in the woods for a few days and nights, until I was seized by people and taken back home. I was severely beaten and placed under house arrest. I could not cry at the beating, because I felt no pain, even though my body turned both yellow and blue. Regardless, the captivity in my parents' house did not last long, I always managed to get out pretty quickly. The forest and my friends, the animals, were so strong that I was drawn there again and again. In between, the thought came to me when I was in the woods: “Aren't people your friends too? Why do I always run away from them? ” Another realization came to me: “Animals fear evil in humans. But I'm not afraid, because I'm stronger than evil. I want to show people that I am stronger”. No matter how small my body was, I felt stronger than all people. From now on, when I was two and a half years old, I was drawn to people who were overwhelmed by evil. Evil, which people call disease, had broken down their bodies, and a thought came to me when I was standing with a sick person.

Some animals had gotten rid of the disease when I said quietly to myself: "Dear animal, you will soon have a healthy body again". And then it happened. It is no different with humans. When this thought stuck in me, people got rid of their bodily ailments. I was now drawn to those who were sick, because in all the houses I came, there were sick people, and I just said to them: "You are not sick any more.” If one of those present said: "He is going to die", I said briefly: "No he will not die for a long time yet, he will be healed". I was only with each for a short while, as I approached the sick person, said briefly and softly to the sick person what I used to do, and each time I disappeared in a flash. From this time also came the realization of faith to me, it took root, and became ever greater and stronger, to the extent that today no human can take it from me.

It took five years of harder and harder battles, until I lured mine, that is, ours, enemy out and studied it thoroughly. In fact, there is no place left that I have not been shot at. All they did was throw their own dirt at me as I crossed the enemy's path. I had no choice but to break through the chain of evil. There was no way back, only forward, upward, without getting tired.

I was born and raised in a Catholic family, but I have never found an inner meaning in the rituals of the Church. To me, the divine was the first, and will continue to be so. I do not look at how and in what way man comes to God for me, the main thing is that really comes to Him. I therefore do not ask which race or nation someone belongs to, because my instinct always tells me that all people are children of God and when I now have the special mission to take the diseases from suffering people, and give them health, then I am not allowed to to make a difference, and never ask where they come from.

In March 1949, I came to the Hülsmann family in the town of Herford through a mutual acquaintance. I was going to help the son in the house. And it happened. This led to Mr. Hülsmann making great propaganda, which led to large crowds coming to the house and outside the house where they lived. There were many healings, including spontaneous healings. I now applied to the health authorities to establish a collaboration with the doctors. I wanted to avoid all the inconveniences in advance. But the authorities rejected it, and I was given a written ban on healing.
Those who sought healing and had gathered around Mr. Hülsmann's house, while I was absent, organized a demonstration and stormed the town hall. The mayor felt compelled to let me heal for at least another five days.
I also got trips to Hamburg, Schleswig, etc. to doctors who had invited me and wanted to take the opportunity to help the sick. In Hamburg it got so far that I was banned from speaking by the mayor, because in Hamburg preparations had been made for me to be able to speak to several thousand help seekers.

I am aware that my public service from March 1949 astonished many people. Many asked themselves the question: "Why has Gröning not appeared before"? My answer is, that I have lived 43 years, and what I now do in public, I have done since I was a child. But I have always done everything I could not to be drawn into the public sector.
I had earlier, in smaller circles explained that I knew a human being - I did not say that it was myself I was talking about - who had learned to cure almost all diseases on his own without the use of medicine. Those who heard it took me for a fool and only a few understood me. From time to time, I had the opportunity to meet a sick person and take the disease from the person, without the person noticing it, by talking, touching the sick area or a joint or by giving him an object from me.
I continued to work in silence, and almost all of my attempts were successful. The small circle of people around me at the time was of course amazed, and could not comprehend what was going on, with the mind it is also inconceivable. Patients who received help from me acknowledged the fact without being able to give an explanation.

The time and thus the frequency of the healings then made me a 'great transmitter'. More and more people took up the healing wave. I think I can claim from myself that everyone has a receiving station for this wave, man just has to know what he wants to receive. It has certainly also found smaller healing transmitters that did not unfold completely, but drowned in their weakness and were broken down. To be brief, I would like to say in comparison that I have made it possible to find the receiving apparatus in humans, and I am able to restore the human organism. For people who are healed by me, this is as obvious as the radio. I send out a healing wave to where the patient or patients are without him or they knowing. The remote healings prove this.

To you who are not yet acquainted with my remote healings, I would say this: If a man came to me and asked for help for a third person who was ill, I would not ask for the name of either the one who asks or the sick one, and I will not ask about the disease. It also does not matter where the patient lives. I myself have many times described the disease or had it told through another person and had the disease picture written down. Among the hundreds of disease pictures I have portrayed of strangers, I do not know of a single one that does not agree in the smallest detail.
In many cases, in addition to the healing, I have asked for the time of healing to be noted, and later stated that the time was right, without the patient knowing when I would complete the healing. I can only do these details when I have some extra time. In most cases, I said to the one who prayed for another: "This man was sick" or "Has had the disease" or "has been sick; travel or go home, your wish is fulfilled ”.

It was not very different at the so-called mass healings. When hundreds or thousands waited for me, I always remembered to ask my closest associates to let the masses know that from time to time I would send remote healing. I asked the employee to feel in the body when the time for the remote

healing occurred, so that he gave notice at the right time. Especially from Traberhof, there are many stories about mass healings that happened without me being physically present, where the lame, blind, dumb and deaf were healed. By that I do not mean that it is not necessary for sick people to be transported to me, but that they can absorb the power everywhere, even at home. I have also done many remote healings per. phone without even talking to the patient in advance. It is no different than when I occasionally held a letter from a person seeking help in my hand, and to put it that way, have 'talked to' the person in question. Later it has been shown that at the exact same time a healing has taken place.

I must also note that the healing wave is invisible to the human eye, just as the radio waves are. As a sender, I can never give people the right to demand anything from me. I send the healing wave, which even the sick can absorb, not knowing that and what I am sending. Many people make the big unforgivable mistake of waiting for the exact time when they expect healing, they are preoccupied with their ailment or illness, and do not free themselves from it for a minute, so that they can, as I ask them, listen inwardly in themselves and absorb my healing wave.
It is not always possible for me to free these people from their afflictions. The right thing is to have your attention on your body, free yourself from your sufferings for a few minutes, be calm and concentrated in the mind and quietly wait for the healing wave.

The patient also does not have to think about having to be transported here to me. I am a human being of the same blood as you. When I cut myself with the razor, I bleed like any other deadly.

I've just suffered more than most people. I do not need newspapers or radio. To my inner eye, I see day and night things that no one else sees. When you see my body here in front of you and hear my voice, it may still be that I am not in the body, but somewhere else. The words come out of my mouth without my effort, they flow by themselves. I'm frugal like few. I slept a whole year naked on the bare ground without a single item of clothing, thirsty and hungry. My body was just skin and bones. I refused any doctor or human help and submitted only to the commands of God our Lord.

And when I got up after one year, my body was healthy again.

Do not feel offended that I take a smoke while I speak the word of God. Cigarettes are one of the few things I treat myself to. I use coffee as food. I do not want to be dragged out into the world, I just want one thing; cure human diseases. There I see my task and my calling. Until this day, I have never received money from any human being. I'm frugal, and my friends are happy to give me what I need. I wear clothes so as not to stand out from other people. When someone has given me money, it has been put away to me. I often gave this money to the poor, and I will continue to do so. I'll never do a business out of my power. I look forward to the day I leave this body. Then I am free, and can be here and everywhere at once. I am constantly being watched, how many cups of coffee, how many cigarettes. My appearance is mentioned, also the long hair. The reporters just want to make money. They have not figured out what it's really about. These current difficulties rightly exist. Then man has shown his true face. He does not care about the suffering of others, the suffering of fellow human beings”.

Bruno Gröning