The quotes in bold are statements by Bruno Gröning.

There is much that cannot be explained, but there is nothing that cannot happen.

Bruno Gröning was born in Danzig-Oliva, (now Gdansk in Poland) on May 31st. 1906, as the fourth of seven siblings. His father, August Grönkowski, was Polish and the mother, Margarethe, was German. When his mother gave birth to her other children, it was very painful, but when Bruno was born she had no pain at all. Bruno had from very early in life a calming and healing effect on his surroundings. From the age of 2 1/2 years, he was drawn to people who were sick, and they were healed. His parents did not understand him, therefore the relationship was difficult. He did not want to take part in the wild play of the other children, and was considered a loner. He walked out into the nearby wood where he experienced the divinity of the earth, nature, animals, and all living beings. He talked to God and asked to be taken home again, to get away from the earth and the evil humans. I got an answer, a good answer. After he had gotten the answer from God, Bruno did not want to leave the earth anymore, he understood that he was stronger than the evil he saw in human beings.

At the age of nine he got sick with diphtheria. He did not want any medical help, and lay sick on the floor for one whole year. He was not expected to survive and was given the last oil, but one day he stood up, completely healed, he had won the battle over evil because he only listened to God.

Bruno had many different jobs and was always considered a skilled and helpful companion. He often healed sick people, but hid the fact that it was actually himself who did it. He just said he knew someone who could help, and ‚told‘ the person that he/she was not sick, and would get well, and it happened!
In 1949, Bruno Gröning became widely known because he healed a young boy who suffered from muscular dystrophy. From that day on and to his passing in January 1959, people followed him everywhere.
Thousands of people got their health back, and many of them have testified that the healing stayed with them throughout their life. Bruno Gröning did not give treatments, because illness should never be given any attention. He spoke to people, and thus people got their health back. He did not want money for his work, claiming that God's power is not for sale. His purpose in life was to help humanity, and he is even doing it today. He has chosen the task to build a bridge between humanity and God.

Bruno Gröning professed his faith in Christ and His teachings without underestimating other religions. He never claimed that only the Christian way leads to God.
I was born and raised in a Catholic family, but I have never had any inner connection to the church rituals. For me, the divine was the most important thing and it will always be that way.
If man had listened to the message 2000 years ago, I would not have had to come.

In September 1949, up to 30.000 suffering people gathered on a horse breeding estate in Bayern, waiting patiently for one week until Bruno came. The happenings before, during, and after his stay there, can best be described as miraculous, blind was able to see again, the lame could walk. How come there is nothing in our history books about these happenings? One could very well ask.

Due to evil rumors, resistance from the authorities, and jealousy from the medical profession, Bruno Gröning was prohibited his actions, he was not allowed to help, although he never took money for the healings that happened. He always stated that he was God's little tool, and all thanks should be directed to God. As so many times before, peoples‘ greed came to the surface, bad reputation and rumors about him were given to the journalists, and we all know how some newspapers print anything in order to increase the sale. Bruno received a ban against healing in several cities, but then groups were formed, to which he was invited to come, and in this way he was able to help, but not on a scale as he could have done had he been treated fair.

Bruno wanted order and better work conditions, he planned to establish health centers all over Germany where people could stay for a while in peaceful surroundings after they had been healed. Many doctors wanted to cooperate with him and get help for the patients they found as being incurable. However, the authorities did not cooperate.

About the definition of ‘evil’. What you call illness, I call evil. Bruno Gröning could see right through people, he saw the illnesses, and he knew instantly what evil they were carrying, but he never put anyone in embarrassment for that reason. It was the evil that led you to me. Give me your illness, for you are sitting on it. In the 1950s such an opinion was difficult for people to understand, as the lady who answered: “but I do not have hemorrhoids!”
Bruno meant of course that we get sick from taking in evil thoughts and acting upon them as well. That does not mean we think like thieves and murderers, but who can deny that we worry about getting sick, worry about our children, we listen to gossip, and we talk it, we think bad about others, we judge, are jealous, greedy and selfish. These are matters that we are not meant to carry in our minds because they make us sick, and can also lead to really bad conduct and consequences. In that respect, we carry evil with us all through life. When we return to the spiritual world, we will truly regret it if we have not listened to our consciousness, to our inner voice, that we did not search for God within while we lived our lives here on this earth. Instead, many of us nurtured self-righteousness, and we never dug deeper to find true substance in life.
Each time a person is healed by God's power through Bruno Gröning, the evil strains attached to the illness is deleted, and a gift of grace given to the person. This is a gift from God, given through His great helper Bruno Gröning, who said;

I do not heal; IT heals, the power of God.

Looking at the pictures of him, people have thought that Bruno Gröning was suffering from a severe goiter, but that was not the case. The power from God that he forwarded to those seeking help, was stored in his thyroid gland. When he spoke to the masses, his neck was tremendously big, and then he felt just immensely well. His voice also became charged with the healing power as it passed close to the thyroid gland. In Africa, it is commonly known that a person with such a neck has a huge gift and a natural authority.
“His eyes look straight through me,” He looks dangerous” “I dare not look at him” - these are typical claims from some people when they look at his picture for the first time. They are actually looking at their own fears because Bruno looks right into your being and he knows what your fears are, that is why you might feel afraid when you look at his picture, he is mirroring you. You can see that he is alive, you do not look into a dead man’s eyes, because, as he promised before leaving the material world; he is still very much alive in the spiritual world, having contact with thousands of people. And there is always room for one more in his sacred room of charity. Since you also are a spirit AND a human being, the spiritual You recognizes the spirit of the soul named Bruno Gröning when he lived in Germany from 1906-1959.

Trust and believe, the divine power helps and heals!

Bruno Gröning tells us to be aware of our thoughts and to let go of negative thoughts the very second they enter our mind, or even better; they should not enter our mind at all.

This man, Bruno Gröning, who lived on earth in a time full of poverty, sickness, and misery, never felt tempted to become rich and famous and enjoy the worldly power that he could have had. Talents like his could give a person tremendous power, but he was not interested in that whatsoever. It happened that persons offered him a lot of money in order to heal, but he rejected. He wanted and still wants to help mankind to come on to the bridge that he has built between man and God, well aware of his important part in the struggle between good and evil. I do not give anyone the right to demand anything from me, only to achieve. Good health cannot be bought, it is God's gift. It is always God who works. He who receives healing through me must therefore thank God from the heart. I am only His tool and servant.

I am the person who again and again sows peace on this earth, and who also will harvest it. I am not Gröning, that is the name people have given my body. But who I really am, people will not recognize until my body no longer is here.

I call upon the big conversion! Come up and over the cleft, I have built a bridge for you. It is a bridge that leads man from the path of suffering to the divine path.

When we read or listen to his teachings, some of us recall words spoken by religious leaders and clericals who believed and taught that the path to God had to go via them. Let us forget about them, they belong to the past! Look within yourself, where the divine is hidden. With the help of Bruno, we are able to recognize our own divinity because we experience God’s power through the healing of ailments and help in many situations. It is up to us to make use of his help, through our own willpower. It is not Bruno that needs us, it is the other way around, we need Bruno because we are God’s children but have forgotten it.

I am a child, and I will always remain a child, a child of God.
I will help and heal. I myself do nothing, but I know that the powers flow to me, and that I can use it to heal people.
Bruno Gröning was a victim of gossip and untrue rumors, and it ruined his plans to build health centers, but he never acted upon the evil. Doctors, politicians, and journalists did their best to throw dirt on this little great man, who only had one task, one wish for his life; to help humanity back on the right track. Today Bruno Gröning cannot be stopped, he wanted that his teachings should be spread around the world and not be held secret.

The healing of illness is only one part of Bruno’s task, the other task is to lead humanity back on the good path. Shortly before his passing, he said: Walk the path as it is determined for you by God - for all of us - through Christ! What do we humans have to do? Is it enough when a man claims ‘I am a Christian?’ Must we not do as Christ said; “Follow me!” Only he who has freed himself from all earthly things, who does not cling to the earthly, but clings and feels attracted to the One to whom he belongs, can follow God. He becomes, through the teachings of Christ, what God has decided for him.

Everybody will die, also I, but I will still live. And if someone calls me, I will come and help, if God wants me to. Those words from Bruno Gröning are reality also today. Generation‘s materialism has destroyed our ability to receive God's healing power, we have forgotten all about it, so we need help.

Bruno Gröning teaches us how to do it, he regenerates our spiritual memory.
He tells us that Satan exists and does anything to prevent people from finding out that they are made in God’s image. Bruno Gröning knows that all the suffering in the world comes from a lack of knowing this, and he teaches us that illness comes from fear and a lack of trust and love.
Christ is always among humans. He is not dead, there is no death, there is only the redemption.

Bruno Gröning died peacefully in a hospital in Paris on January 26nd. 1959

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