Here you find Josette Gröning's story about Bruno's last months, and you also find a text that Bruno gave three months after his passing

The truth about Bruno Grönings’ illness and death

– by Josette Gröning 1959

Since Bruno Gröning’s passing, much has been written about his illness - often, I am sorry to say - without true knowledge of the facts. Much has become distorted. It has even been claimed that he died under the knife of the surgeon during a cancer operation…

As his wife, I wish to explain what actually happened. Until November 1958 I knew nothing about my husbands’ illness, he never complained, was always in good spirits, and welcomed guests and health-seekers all day long. During November he became very thin, therefore I shared my concern about these symptoms with our good friend, the doctor, and cancer specialist Dr. Pierre Grobon in Paris. He said that it could be a sign of serious illness.

On his advice, my husband and I went to Paris at the end of November. Dr. Grobon had several X-rays taken of my husband’s body. Evaluation of the X-rays showed cancer in the stomach, at an advanced stage.

Before we went to Paris, my husband had said: “I know what is wrong with me, no-one can help me.” When he asked about what Dr. Grobon had told me, I did not tell him how serious his condition was. He said;” Do you not think that I know what is wrong with me? I have cancer and have had it for a long time. There is nothing to be done.”

I felt miserable and began to cry.

Dr. Grobon explained to my husband that he had to let himself be operated on, as soon as possible. It was a question of days, even hours – and even so, it might be too late…

Very quietly, Bruno said; “Now is not possible, anyhow… Many people are waiting for me, in Germany and in other countries, people I want to speak with about the Christmas celebrations… In January of (next year) 1959, I will come back to Paris” Dr. Grobon pleaded with my husband about having an operation here and now “It is impossible for you to travel now, in your condition. If you were my father you would be operated on today!.” He made it very clear to Bruno how serious the illness was. “A person in your condition has to keep to a strict diet, keep completely calm, and make no strenuous efforts. It is impossible that you should undertake a long journey in the winter-time and even drive the car yourself!”

Bruno answered: “I eat and drink what I like, without feeling sick. I feel good, and I have strength enough to do my planned meetings. But to make you happy I will come back to Paris in 8 days, first I have to go home and fix some things and then change my travel schedule.”

On our journey back home we visited friends in Karlsruhe. During the evening meal, Bruno entertained the guests as always. No-one, except me, had any idea about the severe diagnosis he had received. He ate with a good appetite, took 4 cakes, and had a lot of coffee, paying no attention to his terrible illness. I tell about these unimportant details to show you how Bruno mastered his vital functions in a state where another person might lie in bed and keep to a strict diet. (In Paris, Dr Grobon had expressly told him not to drink any coffee at all…)  

After midnight we went on to Plochingen: Bruno showed no sign of exhaustion nor of being down, mentally. He was unchanged. As always he talked a lot and was in a good mood.

In Plochingen, several copies were made of his Christmas speech and those tapes were sent to the many circles of his Friends, since he was not able to meet up with them personally, as he liked to do every year.

After 8 days we went back to Paris. We had a meeting with Dr. Grobon and his colleague Dr. Bellanger, who was a cancer surgeon. Dr. Grobon had briefed him about my husband’s condition. After Dr. Bellanger had looked at the x-rays, he said to me in French, which Bruno did not understand: “The operation will be very difficult and I am not sure that we will be able to operate at all. From the x-rays it seems to be a desperate case. I will open the stomach (abdominal cavity) and if it is possible to do something, I will do it. If not I will simply close-up again.”

I told my husband this and he said: “For my part, they can cut me wide-open, I am not scared. I want to get to know how my own body feels after such a big operation.” Dr. Bellanger’s eyes widened when I translated what Bruno had said, and he said that maybe a large part of the stomach might have to be removed. Bruno said: “For my part you can remove the entire stomach, but I know that THAT will stay in there!”

When we had retired to our room in the clinic, Bruno said to me, smiling: When they have opened me up, they will be surprised at what they see. It is much worse than the x-rays show.

The next day Bruno was operated on, Dr. Grobon was also present. Before it was over, he came out and said to me: “I have to tell you something terrible; it is much worse than we had imagined. The stomach is totally eaten up, and it is not operable. There are metastases on the liver and colon. His days are numbered.”

It was a terrible surprise for both doctors, they were deeply horrified and the surgeon closed the wound.

They could not fathom how Bruno’s appearance concealed the terrible inner suffering; in that he breathed normally, his metabolism was normal, as also was his blood. He was at a stage in the illness where it is normal to vomit at the slightest intake of food, and the person just slowly starves to death.

In the days after the operation, wonderment amongst the doctors and nurses grew, regarding how it was going with Bruno. He continued to have a good appetite and ate a lot of honey. The night nurse was speechless when Bruno asked for a big sandwich at ten o’clock in the evening. After that, he got his sandwich every night. They worried that the wound might burst, but nothing like that happened. Some days later, when Dr. Bellanger came to visit, Bruno stood up from the bed and did gymnastics and knee bending, and he thumped his stomach several times. Dr. Bellanger held his hands up before his face and cried out: “Stop! I am scared that the wound might burst, I cannot watch this!” And then he ran out of the room.

Bruno laughed heartily and did not understand how anyone could be so scared.

On the 6th day after the operation, we walked out onto the streets of Paris. Contentedly, with his hands in his pockets, he stood by a big road crossing, and watched the life in the big city, whilst the rain was streaming down his face. Being totally wet did not bother him. When darkness came, I asked if we could walk back to the clinic. Reluctantly, he followed me, and said: “I could walk around like this for hours.” In the meantime, there was a big fuss in the clinic, with everybody worried about the unusual patient. Dr. Bellanger had come to visit and found that Bruno’s room was empty, and for the 100th time he said: “Ah.. it is terrible!”

We were staying on the third floor. My husband didn’t use the elevator but walked up the stairs. On the evening before our trip back home, there was an argument between Bruno and Doctor Grobon. Bruno wanted to drive the car back, by himself… The doctor strongly prohibited it, Bruno smiled and said “If only people would let go of their anxiety and fear, they would have more success in their life.”

At our departure, which was warm, both doctors said “May all our good wishes follow you, Bruno; if God wills it, we will see you again in good health.” But they were fully aware of the seriousness of his condition, their written certificates clearly showed that, and they gave him many warnings and precautions. The journey back to Plochingen went well, Bruno was cheerful and talkative as always.

Soon, Christmas came around; Bruno decorated the tree in a good mood. Between Christmas and New Year we had many visitors. No-one noticed anything. His urge to help others was, as always, strong in him. Some saw that he was thinner and a little pale.

On a journey to Rhondorf am Rhein at the end of December, he took the wheel all the way. He spoke to the group of followers there until 8 pm without showing any sign of tiredness, then drove back home again. At the beginning of January, we went for walks in the snowy woods of Plochingen, and my husband enjoyed Life. His plan was to get a new secretary, starting on February the 1st.

On the 6thof January, however, he surprised me by saying he did not want to hire a new secretary after all… “This night”, he said, “I have received a (command to) STOP! We will very soon go to Paris, but I shall decide the exact time”.

I guess he knew that he would soon leave this Earth, and under no circumstances did he want to be treated in Germany, where he had been so badly persecuted during the last 10 years. Some of the doctors were his especially bitter enemies…

But I did not understand why he wanted to wait so long, for his condition was worsening every day.

On January the 10th we had to be in Rhondorf again, for an important discussion. We had to go by train because of heavy snowfall. And Bruno managed this winter journey, even though we had to wait for hours, due to delays – another person would not have been able to make such a journey in such a state. I can only explain his unbelievable persistence by his masterly control of his spiritual body. Also traveling back the next day, he managed astonishingly well.

In order to understand my husbands’ condition in the last weeks before his passing away, one must try to form a picture of his spiritual attitude. He did not make long deliberations before making important choices in his life. He did not consider if something was convenient or not when he made a choice. He trusted the super-conscious or subconscious decision that the higher powers sent him. Above all, he trusted his inner spiritual guidance when he helped health-seekers who had previously sought help for decades. He often said: “The happiest day of my life will be when I am allowed to leave my body!”

He knew he could not stay in Germany, but he waited for instructions about when to depart. During the 2 last weeks before we left, his brother Kurt visited him. They went for long walks. Two days before we left, two employees also visited, and he talked long and intensely with them and paid no attention to his poor health. On Monday, the 19th of January he asked his secretary to order ‘plane tickets to Paris for Wednesday. I wanted to go on Monday, but he stuck to his decision.

On Wednesday, the 21st of January, we flew to Paris. My husband was in a good mood, but it was noticeable that he was not at all well. Due to a blockage of the large intestine, he now needed an operation. That happened on January the 22nd.

Dr. Bellanger operated and then he said to me:” The destruction in Bruno’s body is terrible -  like total inner combustion. How he has been able to live this long without the most terrible pain, is a riddle to me. But the end is near.” Dr. Bellanger wrote on January 26th.: “To be able to bear the development of his disorders, one would need a rarest will-power. I have, throughout, admired his courage and inner peacefulness, which can be explained by a strong Christian belief.’

Dr. Grobon wrote 2 days later. “In spite of his terrible illness, he did not suffer! This his friends have to know, There is great comfort in that. He was on the path of Christ.”

Also strange is what happened on the day he passed over. He was still under anesthetic when the whole of Paris suddenly darkened and a strong and violent thunderstorm commenced. It became so dark that we even had to light the lamps in the middle of the day. The nurse on duty was astonished.

On Monday the 26th of January 1959 at 13.45pm, Bruno peacefully and calmly went into the other world – it happened at the same time as the people opposing him managed to further hinder his divine task … On the 22nd of January, the day he was operated on, the process against him in Munich ended. The State Attorney once again ordered his imprisonment…

His death can be expressed like this: Man had wanted to harm him, God wanted to do good with him. Bruno Gröning, the last hope for thousands of sufferers, was now no more...

As his wife, I, want to briefly mention what the doctors expressed: When I spoke to doctor Bellanger, shortly after death had occurred, he dried his tears and said

“These Godly, Divinely-inspired people have a heavy, difficult path on this Earth. Their tragedy is that they cannot help themselves after they have helped so many thousands of people… Bruno Gröning was a superman…”

Here follows another important text: A message that Bruno gave three months after this passing:

This is about the experiences of the 24.4.1959 – when Bruno appeared at a gathering of his friends
On April 24th. 1959 - three months after the death of his earthly body - Bruno Gröning spoke in a group meeting, the integrity of which is beyond doubt. Bruno Gröning was not only heard but was also clearly seen in his astral body. (his energy body) During reception of the message, all present felt a strong power in the room. Mrs. Josette Gröning, who was present, recognized through certain incidents or occurrences, which touched on her personal sphere, as coming from the soul body of her former husband.

For those who have never heard of such a possibility, this may sound strange or weird…The Catholic Church, however, has the idea firmly within its teachings, that the human soul is immortal. Besides that, we hear the term “lost souls”. These are beings, who, in their astral-bodies, are bound to certain places. Sensitive people in general are often able to sense these usually invisible presences. There are also priests, nuns, nurses, and so on, who often report about such occurrences. (Look, for instance at the very interesting booklet by Mr. Wilhelm Otto Roesermüller:” Don’t forget about the poor souls,” (available through the Lichthort, publishing house Marschalken-Zimmern, over Horb/M Price DM 2,50)
“Lost souls” are beings who have done bad or evil things during their lifetime, and consequently are made to stay around the place of their crimes, or are able to move only within a limited area. These beings often get in touch with spiritualist circles and beg for help or release. However, we emphasize that the following message is not from a spiritualist circle…

Furthermore, the description “lost soul” cannot be applied to Bruno Groning, I am just mentioning this in order to eliminate any confusion.

Bruno Gröning was in fact seen in a pure and radiant form. It is just a pity that he cannot “appear”, to those who battled against him throughout all of his life. This would be very educational for them!

B r u n o G r ö n i n g:
“…if anybody should ask me what my mission on Earth was, I repeat - To carry the sicknesses of other people, to take over their karma, which had been given to me. I always emphasized: “give me your illness”, and by that, I meant, without saying too much - because too many words are not always good - that I had now taken the illnesses of those people on to myself…
If someone follows this path, it is difficult and is marked by many struggles, because when karma is taken away from a human, when someone is carrying their cross for them, then he cannot look like an unburdened man... So I took the diseases of others on to myself and carried the burden of them throughout the years. And nobody should ask: “Why couldn’t he have healed himself?” (although this question is being asked!).
If I had followed another path, I could have helped myself, but I consciously took the illnesses on to myself, have very consciously taken them, with help from “it”, the Divine power which I was always talking about. When this holy power stretches out it’s hand and says, ‘give me your illness’, and the servant knows what it means, then it all streams towards him. He absorbs it, (picks it up) and the cells of his body, the visible ones, will become saturated with these illnesses. I carried my cross, an invisible cross, for other people, which left its physical marks on me. And this is how my last illness is to be viewed, - not as a ‘normal’ illness from within the mainstream of humanity, but as a consciously accepted and assimilated disease.
Well, my time on Earth was up… I was called back to serve on other, greater tasks. The doctors wondered what had happened with regard to the organic changes within my body. They were astonished that I could still walk, could still eat; that conversation was easy for me, and that apparently miracles occurred until almost the last moment. That wouldn’t have been possible if it had been the illness that the world knows as cancer. But it was another type of ‘cancer’ - one that arises through carrying the illnesses of other people…
All those, who have never thought about why I couldn’t help myself, can think it over… My bodily cells had carried those diseases, and they enlarged. The diseases were transformed and partially dispersed into so-called “Nothingness”. And since I was always allowed to take away diseases with the help of “it” - the holy energy that was flowing throughout my body - whose servant I was; I was constantly filled-up and my energy replenished, not only at my neck and throat, but mainly where the liver, gall, stomach, and the intestinal areas are. One has to be able to ‘digest’ these diseases…The Divine has to digest them...
That which was found inside my liver is a sign that I very consciously and purposefully purified the sick people with the help of the holy power, and as a helper, was ‘straightening people up’, giving them the courage to change, to improve attitudes inside themselves. I merely said a few words to draw their attention to this and to that, to draw their attention and their thoughts away from my person, so that I could then absorb their diseases…
If everyone understood that, they would not ask about it. And when they realize that I can now work more freely and that my hands are no longer tied by earthly restrictions, then they will realize that I am right in the midst of them! They only need to open themselves up and they will feel me! They only have to open their heart to the “Divine Healing Current”, this insurmountable, all-radiating healing power, then they will still feel IT, and sometimes even, feel it more strongly than before (when I was on the Earth)
Be aware of these signs and miracles!
Always your true servant

Source: Archive Bruno Gröning Stiftung