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1) Story by Anny Ebner von Eschenbach

2) Lisl and Freddy about their life and time with Bruno Gröning

3) What Bruno said about Alfred Hosp's body and his mission in life

4) Åse Slettvik: Bruno Gröning - a True Helper

Wonderful Story By Anny Baronesse Ebner von Eschenbach,(undated)
When Bruno Gröning received no assistance from the authorities to speak to sick people under orderly conditions, his friends provided accommodation, mainly in private rooms. Here, seekers of healing had the possibility to gather with Bruno Gröning, in a big group, to receive knowledge about his teachings and actual help.
 One such opportunity was at the ‘Weikersheim’ guesthouse in Gräfelfing. Here, lectures with Bruno Gröning took place frequently for the sake of people living farther away, some coming by bus, at 2 p.m with the second lecture at 8 p.m. The participants often had to enroll weeks in advance and then produce an entrance ticket. In a double room, the sliding partition was opened and chairs were placed for approximately 100 persons. Due to lack of space, an additional room was provided on the ground floor for the Swiss visitors, who came by bus as they had to stay overnight in most cases.

No other formalities applied; it was like one big family, who - now pleading and now listening - sat down around Bruno Gröning on the seats provided for them.

With the people entering the room on crutches and sticks - or those who were carried - and with the blind, you could see, why they probably came. With the many internal diseases, in most cases, it was revealed by their reactions, which all of a sudden, and often, appeared very intensely during the lecture. The so-called disabled were placed in the front-rear, as many of them began walking spontaneously.

Prior to Bruno Gröning entering the room, an introductory lecture was given – here by Dr. Trampler. It was necessary to speak about the new way of public working now adopted by the healer Bruno Gröning and about the conditions of how to receive the healing current without any inner resistance. Thereby, an inner calmness was to be established within the individuals present and a letting-go of their everyday thoughts; in particular, thoughts about disease. Even though Bruno Gröning was in a distant room, the healing ‘wave’ was already sensed by many and their inner tension grew from minute to minute. Occasionally Bruno Gröning also sat in the back of the lecture room and listened to the introductory lecture. When he then stepped into the middle of the room, he first stood there silently in deep concentration and the air around him literally began to vibrate. With his sonorous, and gracious voice he then greeted the healing-seekers and spoke about belief in God and letting go of the evil, the satanic. The disease was satanic he said and the divine power alone could drive it out. Often, his voice increased to a loud shout, when he announced his battle against evil or when speaking about the satanic influence on the world. Then, it seemed as if he shouted it out into space.

During his speeches, events could occur in any part of the room. People threw away their crutches and approached Gröning with radiant happy faces, saying: “I can walk freely again without a stick and without pain!” And then they ran out of the room and up and down the staircase. Their stiff limbs had to get used to moving again… Many a man or woman wanted to donate their crutches to Gröning, however with the words “In that case, I would have to bring a removal van!” Gröning broke these - often fist-thick - walking sticks, as if they were matches. You could see, what physical powers were in this actually small and gracious-appearing man, Bruno Gröning. The remains of these walking sticks he returned as a memento […].
Ending his lecture, Bruno Gröning often said: ”Now, I have spoken a lot. However, I would like to hear from you, what new feeling is within you; what is occurring within you?” He approached each one of them, looked at them with big, radiant, blue eyes, and pointed at them with his closed hands, from where the index finger was stretched out. This gaze permeated you to the bottom of your soul and from the index finger, power was transferred (to the individual, traveling throughout their entire being. Asthmatics began to choke […] and Bruno Gröning kept standing nearby for as long as it took until he or she became calmer and then breathed normally.

Sometimes, Bruno Gröning had to encourage people: ”Don’t be so tight – let it go!” Individuals who had suffered from asthma for years were healed in a few seconds. People suffering from heart trouble started pouring with sweat and then described how their heart, at first raced, then calmed down and the tightness was gone.

On Bruno Grönings questioning, dumb individuals answered aloud and fluently and were surprised at themselves, that they could suddenly speak! They reported to the audience, that for years they’d had to communicate exclusively by means of sign language. Once, a young woman with a weak expression on her face, and an approximately nine-year-old girl sat in the second row. When Gröning asked her: “Now, mother, what do you feel?”, she replied: “Unfortunately nothing, Mr. Gröning.” “Yes, mother, but don’t keep looking back into the past. The fright of it is still within you; first, you must let that go… It was during a bombing attack; you were in a kind of garden cottage and were covered by rubble in your eighth month of pregnancy. When you were rescued, your little child was born and it was blind; is that correct?”

Surprised, the woman replied: “Yes, exactly.” Thereafter, Bruno Gröning said: “Now, don’t think any more about that frightening time, believe firmly in God’s help, and ask him for help. You don’t need to bring the little child with you each time if her mummy is firmly believing!” Eight days later, the lady was back again. The troubled facial expression was gone; she was literally rejuvenated. When Gröning asked her, she now replied: “Yes, today warmth is trickling throughout (my body) and I feel happy and free!” “Now, mother, keep it this way. Soon, it will be time!” A week later the woman was back and Bruno Gröning approached her in the middle of his lecture, stood still, and said: “Mother, on Thursday at 5:20 p.m. take your little child and lead it to a darkened room. She will see, and as she has never seen color and form before, she could be shocked, and the shock might make her sick. Accustom her slowly to everything in her environment.” As this case was of particular interest to me, I enquired about what had happened and a little later I learned, that everything happened to the minute, exactly as Bruno Gröning had predicted. A couple of years later, I asked Bruno Gröning once more about the child and learned that her eyesight is as normal as if she never had been blind.

Soon, it will be time!” A week later the woman was back and Bruno Gröning approached her in the middle of his lecture, stood still, and said: “Mother, on Thursday at 5:20 p.m. take your little child and lead it to a darkened room. She will see, and as she has never seen color and form before, she could be shocked, and the shock might make her sick. Accustom her slowly to everything in her environment.” As this case was of particular interest to me, I enquired about what had happened and a little later I learned, that everything happened to the minute, exactly as Bruno Gröning had predicted. A couple of years later, I asked Bruno Gröning once more about the child and learned that her eyesight is as normal as if she never had been blind.I was convinced, that she would die whilst traveling here because she was suffering so much (from heart disease), that every movement was life-threatening. I am shaken by this miracle and can scarcely believe it!” Crying with joy he pushed the empty wheelchair out and sat down with his wife, listening to the two-hour lecture. Several times he looked inquiringly at his wife from the side, as if he first had to get used to this view of his new healthy, happy wife.

In the background often sat the deaf people, to whom Gröning now directed the question: “If I speak this loud, can you hear me well?” Reply: ”Yes, I understand every word, when you speak this loud, and in my head, there is humming and buzzing.” Everybody laughed, as they had heard, how quietly Gröning had spoken. The hearing aids, Gröning in most cases had asked for in advance if they hadn’t been left out during the introductory lecture. Gröning then remarked: “Your little aid has served its purpose. Hang it on the wall over your bed decorated with a little ribbon as a memory!”

Often, lame people, who suddenly rose and stretched out, had to pick up Gröning’s cigarette box up to ten times, which they did full of joy and surprise about how easily they could manage it now after they had been dependent on help for so long.

However, there were also people who didn’t want their health at all. The following case: A young woman sat in a wheelchair and next to me sat the nurse who had brought her in… Suddenly, Bruno Gröning said: “How nice if you are sick and the whole house feels pity for you and everyone is spoiling you. You don’t need to work and nevertheless get your good food and many gifts!!” The nurse next to me touched me and said to me: “This is for my lady there. She didn’t want me to bring her here. She tyrannizes the whole house and doesn’t make the slightest effort to get well. And she is only 30 years old! I hope however after she has seen so much that is wonderful now, that the desire and will are awakened within her (to get healthy); Gröning will help her. That is my desire and belief, because for us at the house it, her tyranny, has become unbearable.” But she was pushed out again in the same manner as she was pushed in!

Once a lady in the assembly rose and said: “Mr. Gröning, I have come to thank you! My daughter lay in a hospital in New York and as she had breast cancer, her breast was to be cut away. From relatives in Germany, I received newspaper articles dealing with the great healings at the Traberhof. I telegraphed to my relatives: “Please, ask Bruno Gröning to help L.! The telegram was barely in the hands of my relatives when the tumor of my daughter shrank from day to day until there was just a little black dot left, which could then easily be removed by the medical doctor.”

My relative wrote to me, that she met Mr. Gröning and gave him the request and that he described to her the room and the furniture, where my daughter stayed in the hospital and about her healing. How the doctors in particular were amazed and spoke of a miracle! I received your letter with this description, even before she received my message. All are correct. Now, I have come to Germany solely to speak with you and to ask: Do come to us to America! There you would surely be able to work freely, also because there, the medical doctors are far more open and you would be helped everywhere!” “Yes, dear lady, but I have to stay where the ground is hottest. And what difference does a little water in-between (the two continents) matter – you see, it even works this way! Give my heartfelt regards to your daughter!”

Once a woman asked: ”Mr. Gröning, I am supposed to have surgery next week. Shall I let it be done?” Grönings reply: “That is your own decision! […]”
Once Gröning asked: “Who is feeling any pain?” Many people raised their hands. Then Bruno made a blessing movement above them all with his right hand and everybody confirmed that their pain had gone. After some time Gröning asked again: “Who has a new pain or a strange feeling that is new?” When some of them raised their hands and told about it, Gröning remarked: “Enjoy, because that is the pain of regulation, which creates order again. Don’t allow your environment to talk you out of this process, to prevent the evil which now is being removed, from returning,! Distract yourself by praying. This pain often must be, because it hurts when the new blood suddenly returns into the dead limbs bringing new life; because Satan doesn’t like to leave his place!”

“Today, the police are here!”, Gröning suddenly once said during a lecture. Everybody looked around, but no police officer was visible. Also, Dr. Trampler remarked, that he ought to know about that… Gröning went towards a man, who sat in the back row and only said: ”Well?” This man rose and said: ”Yes, I am a police officer, but have not come here as a police officer; therefore, I don’t wear a uniform, but came for the sake of my child.” “Yes,” Gröning said “that is correct, and your little one will run towards you, healthy. Remember the time; it is a quarter to ten p.m. If you now want to remain me in custody, I’ll tell you: No chains or handcuffs are strong enough, that I could not blast them open; no prison wall is thick enough, that I couldn’t pass through it. Even if I were torn into 1,000 pieces and were buried deep down in the Earth – the healings will continue...” ”No, Mr. Gröning, never would I allow such a thing – in such a case I’d give up my job right away. In my duties at the Traberhof, I have seen so many wonderful things, that I keep telling my comrades, how much they wrong you, by persecuting and suing you!” Gröning responded: “The greatest friend of Man was likewise persecuted and even nailed on to the cross. The satanic force has again grown very large and I have nothing else to do but to fight it, and the other thing then occurs all by itself. Men call it a miracle because they have gone astray. Thus, I want to lead you back, because we mustn’t forget, that we are all Children of God. God is going to help us when we have found the way to him again!”

Once a man was present, who laughed aloud constantly so that gradually the other attendees also began to laugh. So Gröning went to him and said to all of us seriously: “Please, don’t laugh, because that is his disease. Where he wants to cry, he is forced to laugh.” He kept standing silently in front of him and looked at him until he became ever calmer, and then everything was well with the man, once more.

Once, a lady with a walking-stick sat in the front row and Gröning said to her: “How come you are here? You already walked without a walking-stick and you were healthy?” “Oh, yes, Mr. Gröning, I went home healthy and free from the Traberhof, everybody was amazed by it. Then, the horrible articles in the newspapers came about you and the many extra flyers, almost daily, - according to which you were suddenly supposed to be a charlatan and a criminal. In short: my environment and my relatives bombarded me, to believe, that my newly-acquired health would not last, because I had supposedly been healed by a devil! I ended up in doubt, and instantly the former pain was back again. Then I became afraid and worried and from day to day, even from hour to hour, I was thrown back into the old disease. Now, you can see that my only support is the walking stick.”

Bruno Gröning: “There, you see what the environment, the influence in favor of evil is able to bring about… Look at your environment; do not tolerate evil people around you. Withdraw from them, if you cannot lead them to good. They are tools of satan! Therefore, sanatoriums are to be built, so that the patients who are still weak – I mean the internally weak – can get away from their ‘unbelieving’ environment. I'll give you this advice, - as long as you are still on the path of healing, don’t talk to anyone about it. This is - in almost all cases - the cause of relapse to the old ailment. Envy has grown so big – this is now the battle against me. Here comes this little fellow, without having studied and healings occur, which no professor nor medical doctor was able to bring about. However, don’t let yourself be led astray. My path passes through the mud; that I know. I literally have to wade through stiff clay. And what I build-up, is often destroyed again. You are lucky, that you found your way here, dear lady, and you want to lay the walking stick away forever!’ Joyfully she moved towards Gröning, handed the walking stick over to him, and moved away with the words: ”No, nobody can ever again influence me to evil; this I promise you, Mr. Gröning”. Dozens of times she walked up and down the staircase - then she left, completely healed.

Sometimes, Bruno Gröning transferred the ‘disease pattern’ of a healing seeker to another person present, who then described what they felt and what else was going on within them. Bruno Gröning now made a hurling movement with his open hand, and at the end of the description of the transferred disease pattern, the individuals in question had to exhale with an open mouth, then the transfer was finished as far as they were concerned. Once a couple sat in the first row and Gröning made the hurling movement at the husband. Suddenly, the man literally found himself in pain and groaned: “Mr. Gröning, suddenly, I feel a terrible pain in my abdomen; what is this all of a sudden, then?” “Yes,” Bruno Gröning said, “these are the pains of your wife. Now, will you believe that she really has these pains, and will you doubt no more, nor characterize her as an imaginary sick person! Don’t disturb her healing anymore with your insults.” The man had to exhale deeply and was now healed from his harshness through this painful teaching.

Sometimes health-seekers couldn’t let go of their disturbing thoughts so fast. Then, Bruno Gröning would suddenly ask them: “What a nice brooch you have there: is it genuine?” Or “What a strange color your tie is?” The individuals concerned at this moment focus on the thing asked about and at this moment Bruno Gröning directed the healing current inside the relevant individual and the healing occurred. This, I often witnessed.

Each attendee received a little tinfoil ball before the lecture started, which they were allowed to take home with them. Bruno Gröning said: “If the house burns down, and if you lose everything; you must never lose the little ball. It is the most valuable thing for you; it is your health and your protection! It attracts all good forces and expels all evil!” Many attendees let Bruno Gröning hold their rosary beads, jewelry, and photos of Bruno Gröning in his hand, and thereby they became charged-up.

Always at the end of the lecture, Bruno Gröning said: “If it is your wish that sick people at home are also helped, as they were not in a position to come, I will also help these people. Give them my regards!” And it was often reported, that at home at this very moment as Bruno Gröning was expressing these words, he or she rose healed from their bed or showed a sudden reaction, which always led to complete healing if it wasn’t disturbed by the ignorant people in their environment.

Thus, I experienced many, many lectures, where there were all kinds of people present: of various professions, of various ages, and every lecture was different in the form with different examples: always adapted to the comprehension of the individuals in question. However, it was always the same meaning: a leading towards God! Because, as Bruno said: “No Man can heal! It is always just One – God! The greatest healer of all Men is and remains our Lord God!”

Source : Informationskreis Leben und Lehre Bruno Grönings e. V. (2008),


LISL (CAROLA ROMWALTER) and FREDDY (ALFRED HOSP) speak about their life and times with BRUNO GRÖNING and experiences with Bruno and a disabled dog (transcribed from a CD)

Freddy's parents had a flat in Munich, in Southern Germany, which many people came to visit. At the time we lived in Upper Austria and on this occasion we went to the Munich apartment, knowing that Bruno would be coming, and that many people will come to see and hear him.
Aunty and I cooked a big pot of good, strong soup - there was a lot to do, and people were arriving early. I prepared the food, the room, the chairs, etc. for them to sit down, I also picked up some extra chairs from the neighbors. Freddy's father worked at this time in the Consulate in Munich and he was there, too. I sent him and Aunty into the room to save our seats. Many invalids and sick people attended. An old lady called from downstairs: "Help me, please help me - I can't walk up these steps, and my dog has asthma". Neither of them could walk upstairs, so I hurried downstairs, picked up the dog and helped the lady to come slowly up the stairs. The old lady was more concerned for the dog than herself. She had heard that Bruno Groening also heals animals.
"I am OK myself, I only came for my dog" she said.
I told her "That is fine", and I managed to get her into the last available seat. I had really been buzy, getting all the people upstairs and find a seat for them all, and by this time Bruno was already standing in the room. There were two rooms merget into one big room for the meeting. I asked him to wait for me as I wanted to tidy myself and do my hair, and he did so. I went and took my apron off, brushed my hair, washed my hands and went into the sitting-room. I sat on the cough next to Freddy's father, who made a space for me.
As Bruno began to speak, I felt all the tiredness from the day's preparations leave me, and I felt very present in the now. I 'switched-off' from everything else, and was sitting up straight. "Thank you Bruno for waiting for me, so I didn't miss anything", I thought, and at that moment, it all went away, the tiredness, the hurry, everything. I was just sitting there calmly, and then Bruno started to speak. He said:
"There is a lady here with us, she has been working all day long, she has helped many people. But she has come in here, has given it all away, is calm and concentrated, has opened her hands and feet like she was taught: and she is completely present, just here."
Bruno commented on exactly how I felt and noticed that I was fully concentrated in the moment and that I had released all tensions, "If only all people could achieve this..." Suddenly I felt like I was on cloud nine.
Later, the Community Hour meeting finished. The old lady went off downstairs and I thought about her - panting and breathless when I had helped to bring her up. The little dog was now jumping down the stairs. I said to her, "How do you feel?" "Well,...Yes, I really feel very well. Mister Gröning spoke so well and so clearly". "And now you are healed", I said to her. "When you came in here you could hardly walk, and also your dog is better, now". "Oh indeed", she said "I have had a healing". At first she didn't realize that her little dog was jumping down the stairs. I said, "I wish you a long and happy life with your charming little dog". "Yes", she said, "The dog is very important to me". She came for the dog and now both were healed. Such nice and beautiful experiences I had. Aren't they tremendous? Thank you, Lisl.

Lisl: - About the coffee break with Bruno Gröning 
This is a wonderful true story.

Freddy's parents lived at this time in Munich and we only had a short way to go to Stephanskirchen (a village near Munich) where Bruno was staying. We were invited to come. At this time we didn't have a car, the nice old auntie was still alive and so we trundled with the wheelchairs right through the whole of Munich. Lilo (later Freddy's wife, also very handicapped and in a wheelchair) was packed up with all of our luggage.
Freddy and the auntie went in front and we followed behind them to the railway station. We were packed into the luggage wagon, at the rear of the train. It was a happy journey, though we were thrown around a lot on the bends, I kept Freddy firmly held tight in his wheelchair. So we arrived safely in Stephanskirchen, left the train, and were so happy all the way. To meet again with our great and lovely friend Bruno Gröning and hear his words just made us happy, thankful and happy. You can't imagine our joy and the pleasure that we felt to meet with him. The sun was shining as we arrived, as Freddy was brought into the house of Mrs. Bavay, who was still alive at this time, and who was so kind and friendly to us.
Bruno welcomed us and laughed and told us what had happened; he knew exactly how we had come to Stephanskirchen in the luggage van. We laughed together, and then he came into the room looking at me, carrying a tray with coffee and a doughnut. I was so very happy, many people were around and many other things were going on nearby. It was a wonderful feeling, we were all so happy, this happiness I can't describe. You cannot imagine how great it was when we were near to him - you had to experience it. You became a different person, everything fell away, you released everything.
No sorrows - only happiness and grace - were left inside you.
As we were sitting, Bruno, carrying a tray with coffee and a doughnut, was suddenly standing beside me and he said: "Eat" - I looked at him, astonished that he should bring me the tray and serve me: "Come on, eat!" he said, and so I picked up a doughnut, took a bite and felt a little strange, in a way that I can't describe.
He looked at me and said: "Drink the coffee", I drank a sip and again felt strange, he looked at me and I looked up to him and he laughed at me. I thought - "What's going on? What is happening to me?"
"Eat, - come on, eat another piece of doughnut, chew and swallow". I felt like I was ready to fly away.
"Drink another sip, come on - drink another sip."
I felt so full up, so very full up - in a way that I can't describe either, just from this little bit of food and drink...
For years, since my childhood I had been reading in the Bible, the story about the wonderful increase of the loaves and fishes. I knew it by heart. The apostles asked Jesus - how do we feed this many people with only these loaves of bread and a few fishes? I read it over and again, I loved it so much. At this moment I thought of this story, of Jesus Christ as he blessed the bread, and how all the people became satisfied and were no longer hungry. Suddenly I had a bright and clear thought, "Oh, it seems as if this really happened." I looked at Bruno and he nodded his head. "Yes, this is how it happened". He knew everything, our thoughts, things we have been thinking for years, he knew, he saw straight through people. It was so amazing.


What Bruno Gröning said about Alfred Hosp's body and his mission in life:
We should accept ourselves as immortal spirits who also have an earthly body. This true understanding should make us happy. Myself, I am slowed down by my disabled body. Why? Maybe I have previously been an impatient person. Now, my body slows me down, but I can still work at my computer, and am able to write down all the spiritual teachings of Bruno Gröning to bring them to the world in my books. Bruno said that God gave me this as "homework". If I do this work, my body attains divine order and becomes well again. Everything that he said has proved true, up to now, and has been perfect truth, and so I will not doubt the last thing he said to me, but I must leave the healing time to God. The most important thing is that we should never burden our body with negative thoughts, nor dissatisfaction with the life given to us by God.
Bruno said to me:"Each body is a gift from God". At this time I was in a very poor bodily condition, and he said,"Even your body is a merciful gift from God". Today I know why he said this, and I really want to advise the friends to make the best out of any situation. We should only advise - and never force - anybody to do anything. Each person has his free will and does the best in his own way for his own situation. I advise you, each morning, as soon as you awaken, to be happy and look forwards in joy and love to the coming day. LIFE is GOD, TIME is GOD, - and what a MERCY it is, that we have a body to learn our lessons from our many life situations.
Why do we, as spirits, need a body? We need the body to learn, through the effects and the impacts of our thoughts and feelings. What type of energy - good or bad - do we receive from this or that thought? Who hasn't pondered too long in a difficult situation, or mentally gone round in circles, for instance, spending one or more nights at it, perhaps? And what happened? Weren't you more weary than if you had been chopping wood all night? If we burden ourselves overmuch with stressful thoughts, our body may even get into disorder and develop psychosomatic diseases.
Cause and Effect - A short example: I was born a normal healthy baby, but the midwife carelessly dropped me, and I hit the back of my head on the washbasin. One second of carelessness resulted in a lifetime spent in a wheelchair. One could say that this moment of carelessness sealed my fate. But now I'll tell you what Bruno Gröning said: "Yes, this was a careless act of the midwife, but she was also a tool, she was the tool that you got to set you spiritually free through this body, to be free in your mind. You should never condemn this woman."Since Bruno said this to me, I have never condemned this woman. I have done as Bruno said; I have accepted my fate and made the best of it.
Life is a way with turnings. Life can be compared with a winding road with forks and twists. When we arrive at a turn we must take/choose the right way and we know instinctively which one this is.
How can we achieve contact with God's goodness and will? We should think about this. If we do something - if I make a decision, and this decision is just for me personally, then this decision is made in the realm of karma, of cause and effect, - but if we decide to help other people, to show them the way, we become a worker in the 'vineyard of the Lord' - and this is very important. I want to say about this that it is important that we choose to help others, to show them the way, not just to find to it for ourselves… In this way, we can each be a tool of God.
Bruno Gröning said that everyone has their own ideas about God, and all are different. There are not two people who have the same idea about God. However, if someone says that God doesn't exist, - well, this is also an idea of God, a negative idea! Throughout our life, our ideas can change, and so we may approach the divine ‘pole’ or choose with our free will to separate from it.


Bruno Gröning – a true helper

written by Åse Rigmor Slettvik

This little book is about Bruno Gröning, about how to get in touch with him and what he can do for you. I remember my own reaction when I first saw his picture; I just wanted to get started as soon as possible with whatever it was he could teach me. I instantly knew that it was something so pure, so right and so important that I could not wait. I had been waiting long enough, this was IT. And it soon proved to be exactly that, namely life itself entering my body as soon as I began to contact him. I could feel it in my hands, legs and in my scull. This is now 21 years ago, and during this time I have received much help and healing through this powerful helper, and moreover, I have learned so much about how spirit controls matter. The feeling inside me throughout my adult life; that I had to find my own way to God, has been proved, and my decision to reject the clerical ‘truths’ as I did in my twenties, was right for me.

So, if you feel the same way as I did, scroll a few pages further down in the text to where you can learn what to do in order to get help and healing and divine guidance!

Bruno Gröning (1906 – 1959)

"There is much that cannot be explained, but there is nothing that cannot happen." Bruno Gröning

From the year 1949 to 1959 Bruno Gröning helped thousands of people who were seeking help and healing for their sicknesses. Mass healings took place when Bruno Gröning talked to the masses who had gathered in Rosenheim, Germany, in September 1949.
Thousands of people have experienced healing from their sufferings by obtaining the healing power of God through Bruno Gröning, and just as many have received help and guidance in many different ways.

"Everybody must die, also I, but I will not be dead. When someone calls me, I continue to help as long as God wants me to!”
This statement from Bruno Gröning has been proved thousands of times, so I have to draw a conclution: Yes, Bruno Gröning’s spirit is still helping mankind.

Bruno Gröning was born in Danzig-Oliva May 31st 1906 as the fourth of seven siblings. He lived his life in the Consciousness of Christ. Already as a little child, he had a calming effect on people and animals. He did not want to take part in the wild play of the other children and was considered a loner. He got sick with diphtheria as a young boy. He did not want any doctors’ help and lay sick on the floor for one year. He was not expected to survive and was given the last oil. But he recovered and stood up in full health. That was his battle against evil, and he only listened to God’s will.
He went to school for 5 years, and then he started carpenter learning, but he never got the journeyman letter because the factory went bankrupt short before his examen. Bruno had many different jobs and was always considered a skilled and helpful companion. All this time he often healed sick people but hid the fact that it was actually himself doing it. He just said he knew someone who could help, and ‚told‘ the person that he/she was not sick, and would get well – and it happened!
In 1949 Bruno Gröning was suddenly widely known because he healed a young boy who suffered from muscular dystrophy. From that day on and to his death, people flocked around him everywhere. Thousands of people got their health back, and many of them are still alive, and they testify that the healing has stayed with them through their life. Bruno Gröning did not give treatments, because the illness should never be given any attention. He spoke to people, and thus they were spontaneously healed. He did not want money for his work, claiming that God‘s power is not for sale. His purpose in life was to help humanity. To make us understand that we really are our own fortune. He had chosen the task to build a bridge between humanity and God, or as some prefer to say; ‘the big creative force’.

In the year 1949 up to 30.000 suffering people gathered on a horse breeding estate in Bavaria, waiting patiently one week for Bruno to come. He came, and the happenings before, during, and after his stay there, can best be described as miraculous. Blind could see again, the lame could walk. How come there is nothing in the history books about these happenings? One could very well ask.
Due to intrigues and various resistance from the medical profession, Bruno Gröning was prohibited his actions, he was not allowed to help, although he never took money for the healings. He always stated that he was Gods little tool, and all thanks should be directed to God. As so many times before, peoples‘ greed came to the surface, bad reputation and rumors about him were given to the journalists, and we all know how the newspapers print anything in order to increase the sale. After this, groups were gathered, who invited him to come, and in this way, he was able to help, but not on a scale as he could have done had he been treated fairly.
”Everybody will die, also I, but I will still live. And if someone calls me, I will come and help, If God wants me to." (if it is God's will) 
These words from Bruno is not just words, but a reality. Generation‘s materialism has destroyed our ability to receive God‘s healing stream, it has been forgotten. Bruno Gröning teaches us how to do it, he regenerates our spiritual memory.
Doing this, we open up our hearts and minds for a life filled with compassion and charity, we learn how to turn our back to evil, and we become susceptible to divine guidance.

Bruno Gröning was early in life convinced that he was stronger than the evil, and he proved it many times. He gave the people to know (he told people) that Satan exists and does anything to prevent people from finding out that they are made in God’s image. He knew that all the sufferings in the world come from lack of knowing this and that illness comes from lack of trust and belief in love. Bruno Gröning could see right through people, he saw the illnesses, and he knew instantly what evil they were carrying, but he never put anyone in embarrassment for that reason. He said: “It is evil that led you to me.” By saying that, he meant that people needed help because they were suffering, not that they had the devil in their body, even though that also could be true in rare cases. He said; “give me your illness, for you are sitting on it”. In the 1950’ such an opinion was difficult for people to understand, like the lady who answered: “but I do not have hemorrhoids!” I think that people today better understand what he meant, namely that we get sick from thinking too much evil, and doing it, too. That does not mean we think like thieves and murderers, but who can deny that we worry about getting sick, about our children, we listen to gossip, and we talk it, we think bad about others, we are jealous, greedy, and egoistic. These are matters that we are not meant to carry in our minds, and they should not steer our lives, because they make us sick. They can also lead to really bad conduct and consequences. In that respect, we carry the evil with us all through life. When we return to the spiritual world, we will truly regret it if we did not listen to our consciousness, to our inner voice, that we did not search for God within. Instead many of us nurtured self-righteousness and we never dug deeper.
Each time a person is healed by God’s power through Bruno Gröning, the evil strains attached to the illness is deleted, and a gift of grace given to the person. This is a gift from God, given through his great helper Bruno Gröning, as he was named when he lived (as a human)(ta med?) here on earth.
Looking at the pictures of him, people have thought that Bruno Gröning was suffering from a severe goiter, but that was not the case. The power from God that he forwarded to those seeking help was stored in his thyroid gland. When he spoke to the masses, his neck was tremendously big, and then he felt just immensely well. In Africa, it is known that a person who has such a neck has a huge gift and a natural authority.
“His eyes look straight through me,” He looks dangerous” “I dare not look at him” - these are typical claims from some people when they look at his picture for the first time. They are actually looking at their own fears because Bruno looks right into your soul and he knows what your fears are, that is why you might feel afraid when you look at his picture. You can see that he is alive, you do not look into a dead man’s eyes, because, as he promised before leaving the material world; he is still very much alive in the spiritual world, having contact with thousands of people. And there is always room for one more in his sacred room of charity. Since you also are a spirit AND a human being, your spiritual part recognizes the spirit of the soul whose name was Bruno Gröning who lived in Germany from 1906-1959 and who said: "Trust and believe, the divine power helps and heals!"

God equipped our body with white blood cells and told them to destroy destructive enemies that might come our way. Why don’t we trust that? If we think that we might get sick, because we have been in a home where there was influenza, we tell our body that with our thoughts. So the white blood cells get confused, and our strong mind thinks the same thought over and over again until we get our expected influenza. It does not help that we think “I must not get sick!” Our minds are filled with fear and thoughts of sickness, and they win again, it is ‘mind over matter’. Through generations, we have allowed our mind to become the big chief over our body, and our natural instincts are more or less gone, taking a natural protection and the life-stimulating powers with them.

Spirit and science

BG tells us to become aware of our thoughts and to let the negative thoughts go the same second as they enter our mind, or even better; they should not enter our mind at all. Today we know much more about how our (and others) thoughts affect us than we knew 60 years ago. Therefore Bruno Gröning’s words are becoming easier to understand as we move into the Aquarian age.
Much is written about how good positive thinking and affirmations are for us, and scientists have proven that we can talk to our DNA. There is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies so that there is no need for cutting out and replacing single genes. Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers, and it is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.” Some Russian scientists, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore that 90%. Their results, findings, and conclusions are simply revolutionary, stating that our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves as data storage and in communication. Scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self- healing and affirmation techniques, In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies. It is also very interesting how Dr. Emoto from Japan proved how easily water are affected by our thoughts and feelings. When we consider that the human body consists of 80% water, it is obvious that we have a huge amount of feelings stuffed up in our cells. And that so many feelings must have affected our body fluid and hurt our body.
When it comes to the question about what it is that gives life to our cells, we all, at one point in the future, will have to surrender and recognize that spirit is above all, and that spirit creates the material world. The good thing then is, that we first and last are spirits, and that we, while being in a physical body, have our free will, and decide what we will believe and think. Our thoughts are powerful tools, and we should be more aware of what thoughts we take in and allow to affect us, and thereby also affect our surroundings. We should become more humble, and realize that our ego actually is not helping us at all on our spiritual path. Because what we need is love, simple and plain. Charity is what Bruno Gröning showed his fellow human beings when he lived in our physical world.

This is what you do

Sit down peacefully. If you cannot sit, of course, it is OK to lie down, but it is very good to sit and have the back free. Let go of all the thoughts about what you have been doing lately, and what you are going to later today or tomorrow. Let go of thoughts about problems you think you have. Just BE. Sit with your feet on the ground and put your hands on the thighs, palms facing up. Do NOT cross legs or arms, and the hands should not touch. If you sit together with others, be aware that you should not touch each other physically. This is because you all get the healing individually, uniquely for each person.
The next thing you must do is to contact Bruno Gröning and tell him that you want to be connected to the holy power, to God’s power. You can do it mentally, you can form a sentence in your mind or you can say it loud if you wish, or you can do it simply from your heart. The important thing is that you use your will power, for it must be something you honestly want to do.
What immediately happens is that the healing power starts to flow into your body and mind, your heart and soul. You might feel it as a current or warmth/ cold, or something else. Let it happen, do not worry or think about how this can happen because it is not for the mind to understand. It is a gift from God, a gift that we all are entitled to because we are alive.
The next amazing and wonderful thing you shall do is to give all your worries, sicknesses, diagnoses, or whatever is keeping you from living your life to the full, to Bruno Gröning. “Give it to me, because you are sitting on it,” Bruno said. So now, mentally, gather your worries and put them in a waste bag and give it to him. Do not think that it is bad to give it to someone else. If you give it to another person, meaning that you talk about your problems, sicknesses or whatever other negative issues, that is not good, because then he or she carries it on, and these ‘worry-waves’ are spreading like rings in the water, affecting God knows how many others. All things, good or bad, that we give attention to, are being kept alive, and by talking about it to someone, we do just that.

But to give your worries to Bruno Gröning is something else (quite different). He wants you to do it because he knows what it is, where it comes from, and what he can do with it to make it disappear for good.
Your challenge from this day on is to remember that you have given it away, and not take it back by thinking about it again, sinking into the same loop of thoughts and negativity that you used to do. My advice is; when you discover that you once more are thinking about it, remind yourself that you have given it away: “Oh no, I need not worry about that anymore, because I have given it to my friend who will and can help me clean out whatever it is that has rooted in my body and mind. All I have to do is to take in God’s power through my friend, Bruno Gröning, who is a transformer of this divine power. Of course, it is OK to give it to him several times, but he heard you the first time, and a process has started, so trust that. To obtain healing spiritually is not unknown to humans, but we have forgotten all about it; we have to learn it over again, and Bruno teaches us how. The most important thing we have to learn is to have trust and to believe: “Have trust and believe, the healing power helps and heals. There was a gap between God and man. I have built a bridge over the gap, and invite everybody to come on to this bridge.” These are powerful words given to us.

No one should do any of this because someone else is praising it. Nobody should be talked into doing it. It does not work that way. It works uniquely in each one of us, and each one of us has our own path, our own thread (line?) in the tapestry of life, and we all have our own will. It is all about you, you have to convince yourself. Try it if you feel drawn to it, or if you are curious, and find out for yourself. I just want to give information to as many as possible, because such a good thing is very much needed in the world, and there are many seekers out there.

Just sit down and make contact. Let the stream/ray of power find its way. Do not be alarmed if you can’t feel anything, because it is not necessary to feel something in particular. It happens often that pain occurs, it can be severe pain. Do not despair. It does not last long, and it is the physical evidence that the process has started. Do not start thinking too much (rather not at all) because thoughts interfere with the good work that is happening in your body. Know that the power is so strong, but at the same time so mild that it can remove your health problem – and it is enough of it, it never ends. Admit it to happen.

Bruno Gröning is a powerful transformer of healing power, and he is a transformer who forwards the spiritual power from God giving specific, individual help to each one of us who makes the contact to him. Sit in an open posture, not crossing arms or legs, hand on thighs, palms facing up. Do not strain yourself, relax and enjoy this time of the day with relaxation. Maybe you feel small sensations in your body, maybe a kind of electricity in arms and/or legs, warmth, cold, or something else. Do not judge, just sit and be happy and have confidence! You are in contact with a soul who has a specific task, who only wants your best, someone you can trust.
If you are getting pain or discomfort, you now know it is fine, it is actually very good, it is just like it should be, it is regulations, it is the cleaning draining process.
Bruno, who called himself God’s little helper, wants to help and he helps everybody who asks him for help and really wants it, not only in the mind but from the heart.
Do not interfere (think about) how, or in what order things happen, or how long it takes. A problem that has manifested in the human body, may need a very long time to be cleansed. Do not have biased about the process, just give yourself over.

By having many but’s and how’s in your mind, you will prevent the good power’s help. This is because the mind cannot possibly understand what’s happening, spiritual gifts can only be received and thanked for, not intellectually understood. You cannot find an answer by thinking. Let go of the thoughts, in order to be ingenious set your sense on hold. Do not bother your brain with the problem; throw the problem out of your brain. Let the brain rest. Tell yourself that you are taken care of, you are safe, you can stop fighting, allow the healing.
Allowing means in this sense to have confidence, not demand anything, and just be thankful. Bruno always said: “Do not thank me, thank God, who is the only healer”. Be thankful for the fact that you are developing your spiritual sense, and for the fact that you are just where you are supposed to be, you are moving forward, just like everything in nature is developing.

Bruno saw right through people, he saw the past, the cause of the illness, and the future, he also saw the person’s dying day. He still sees through us. You probably have felt it already. Some people think he looks dangerous, but that is only because they are faced with their own fears.


"If man had listened to the message 2000 years ago, I would not have had to come."
Looking at this man, Bruno Gröning, living in a time full of poverty and misery, it is hard to understand the fact that he never felt tempted to become rich and famous and enjoy the power that he could have had. Talents like his could give a person great power, but he was not interested in that whatsoever. He wanted and still wants to help mankind to come on to the bridge that he has built between man and God, well aware of his important part in the struggle between the good and the evil He said; “I am the person who again and again sow peace on this earth, and who also will harvest it. I am not Gröning. That is the name people have given my body. But who I really am, people will not recognize until my body no longer is here.”
”I call upon the big conversion! Come up and over the cleft, I have built a bridge for you. It is a bridge that leads man from the path of suffering to the divine path”.
Many people recognize words spoken of religious leaders and clericals and their demonstration of power. Let us forget about them, they belong to the past. Look within yourself, where the divine is hidden. With the help of Bruno, our own divinity no longer needs to be hidden, it is time we recognize our own divinity. Bruno allows us to experience God’s power and to learn that God is within us, and that God within us may grow if we let it happen, and if we understand the laws of nature and charity.
Bruno says;”I will help and heal. I myself do nothing, but I know that the powers flow to me and that I can exploit/use it to heal people.”
And you and I can say: I want help and healing and divine guidance, I know that the divine power flows to me from the transformer I am connected to and that I get help and healing. Bruno keeps his promises, it is only ourselves who put sticks in the wheels so that the help does not reach us.
When you sit and receive the power, it is easy to search for logical explanations, to engage the brain for understanding. Do not do that. Trust that you have a channel, tailored especially for you to receive spiritual power; and have faith and confidence that it is perfect; trying to understand it intellectually only will stop the good process. Bruno has restarted your channel and you will always have the option to obtain the power by contacting our helper. Bruno said: "A person I have been in contact with, can always get in touch with me again for the rest of his life."
Be aware of your mental blockages, and each time you discover doubt or frustration because you can’t understand; give it to Bruno, so that your channel again is open for the arrival of power. Make your door high, and your port wide. Forget all irritations, and give them to Bruno, give him your doubt.
Bruno says: "If you cannot believe, then I believe for you, and if you cannot pray, I will pray for you." What do you say, how much better can it get? I only ask. But, you yourself must ask him for it, it does not happen automatically. After all, we are the ones that are the pupils here. Bruno is not in danger, we are.
When you talk to your helper, it is not that you need to form words, as long as you have your pray in your heart.
Days may come that are an extra challenge, as they do for all of us. When it happens, you may ask Bruno to go with you, to take your hand and be with you, just like you would ask a sister or a friend. The difference is you do not see him with your physical eyes.

The choices we make
All-day long we make choices, some more important than others. Some of them are we conscious about, but many choices are we not aware of, we do not know that we make them.
I will give an example: We get a negative remark from someone, what do we do? Often what happens is that we take in what is being said, we get a feeling of being unjustly treated, it feels bad, but we hide (it) that, and we start to think about what we might answer in order to defend us. A lot of decisions are being made in no time, and they are being made from an old defense pattern in our minds. Depending on who said it (what the person means to us), and how much it hurt, different ‘grades’ of ‘punishment’ may very well start

to build up in our ‘defense system’… But what if we had not taken the remark in? What if you were able to, in the split of a second, to see the color of this say – and seeing that it was a dark one; what if you were able to let it fall on deaf ears? Then no answer would be required. Because, as soon as you choose to answer, you signal to the other person that you have accepted the accusation, and you are in the ‘fight.’
This is just an example of various choices we make without being aware of it. But it is not impolite to choose not to answer evilness. It is the only right thing to do. Work out how to see what is offered you, and become pickier about what you take in and don’t, to the best for your soul and for your spiritual development.

Our thoughts and what they do to us

We tend to think that the thoughts we think are our own thoughts. They are not. They are being sent us, and it is up to us whether to take them in or not. This is another important part of Bruno Grönings teachings. This fact is being contested on a wide scale because most people would claim that their thoughts are their own ‘property’. But we are a result of all the thoughts we have taken in through our lives. The power of thought has shaped us, given us the place we have in the family in society and in our work. We have exchanged thoughts with others and thus shaped our history and everything around us. It happens all the time, we are all writing the history together. We may believe that our thoughts are our own product, but it is not true. This fact could create hopelessness, a feeling that we cannot steer the development, it does not matter what we do. But the truth is that we can, by choosing which thoughts we want to take (to accept as ours) in, and which thoughts we let fall on deaf ears. The things we give attention to, we also give energy to. Be aware of what you give your energy to!

Thoughts and opinions that we take in, we somehow give on to others. Bruno Gröning teaches us how evil thoughts can build up and lead to violent actions and even makes us do things that no one would believe. An example from the real world: A man, whose neighbor had a dog, got irritated because the dog came into his garden, walking around, not harming anyone in any way. It happened several times, and the man told his neighbor that he did not like it. But it happened again, and the man got really irritated. He warned his neighbor that he would shoot the dog if it happened again. He took in a lot of irritation and hate through his mind, it grew and grew, and the man let it grow. One day the bucket was full. The dog had come into his garden again, all together maybe 20 times. The man had so many times seen himself, in his mind, shooting that ‘damned dog’ (a 10-year-old dear Labrador, the family dog). So he took his gun and shot the dog! That story really reminds me of Bruno Gröning’s teachings about evil thoughts and what they can do to us; we take in what we wish, and then we act upon our own will. The man let evil drive him to his action, the evil had taken over. This man, himself a dog owner (!), probably (hopefully) also was astonished afterward, that he had been able to kill his neighbor’s loved family member. Hatred made him do it, and self- justice (self-righteousness). He actually had the law on his side – an over 100 year old law in Denmark, saying that a landowner can shot animals (probably meaning cattle) that come over to his land from a neighbor.
What we take in, we send on to other people; maybe not right away, but it will happen, it is a law of nature. A good example is a gossip; ‘nothing’ travels faster than that, right? Most of us recognize it; we have heard about a scandal, and we take the phone, and the first thing we say is. ”have you heard it?” Very soon everybody knows and it is the theme of the month, and every little detail, true or not, is being taken in and sent on.

Bruno Gröning was a victim of gossip and untrue rumors, and it ruined his plans to build healing cities, but he never acted upon it. We all know about the law of Jante; “do not believe you are something more than us!” Doctors, politicians, and journalists did their best to throw dirt on this little man, who only had one task, one wish for his life; to help humanity back on the right track.
Today Bruno Gröning cannot be stopped, and the word about ‘God’s little helper’ needs to be spread around the world. This little book is my little tribute.