This is a transcript from the shorthand recorded speech by Bruno Gröning, given in the home of the health practitioner, Eugene Enderlin, in München September 29th. 1950

'I do not know if you already know that...'

"My dear health seekers!
I do not know if you already are aware that I once more have received a written ban against helping and healing sick people. I know this is nothing new. But there is one thing that cannot be done to me, and that is to forbid me from helping people; for it cannot be prevented. I do not need to show myself to the sick; What shall happen, happens, no matter what. I said this last year in Herford, the first time I received the written ban. Back then I told every health seeker that I had received a written ban and I said: There is no human law that can forbid me to help people and to heal people. For me only one law applies, and that is the true, the divine law. If they put me inside a rain barrel and bury me, what shall happen, happens.
I have always said the same everywhere I have gone where health seekers have gathered, I have not been afraid to say the truth, no matter who might be among the help seekers. I could not help that people who were located in the area of the healing stream were healed. And here as always it depends on the individual person.
I am able to influence earth surfaces, objects or spaces, and (he) who is in it, receives this wave, that wave I call the healing wave. There have been so many people who wanted to forbid me to give distant healing, who simply forbid me to talk about it. I do not intend to be silent, because I know that I have helped countless people, and I will continue to do it for my whole life. Therefore it is up to the human himself how he adjusts to it.
But since you all are mainly ignorant, you believe again and again, that the healing wave looks like this, or that the healing is visible. No, the healing wave works on the human body, on the inner and outer organs in a way that you can feel.
However, he who loves his illness holds on to it, he who seeks it, will find it. Yes, then you automatically connect back again to the disease, to the suffering. That is what must not happen! Therefore, because people are so ignorant, I feel as before obliged to educate, not the individual, not only 100 000 or a million, no, all people on this earth.
Because the healing happens so unexpectedly for some people, they think that they can prevent it to happen. That is simply not possible, and I need not be present. I say it repeatedly, and I say it to Mr Enderlin; that it is not necessary. He knows it too, but he comes to me all the time and says: “The people want to see you”. Therefore I also stand before you now. It is not necessary to talk about a healing. Mr Enderlin who has committed himself to the sick, makes the statement every day, before I enter the room he has already finished everything. I also have to convince him, so that he has a feeling of security about it, and says: “Gröning is really right, he does not need to be present, but he will fulfil your wishes to see him.” There are always people who want nothing untried; we want to see him, we must see him. I understand, but it is not directly required. OK, so I do you the favour to appear when I have time for it.
The main thing is that you first and foremost get that which was your inner wish; to become healthy. An official said to me that I did not need to make people healthy, it would be enough if I made them pain free. He said that for a person who had been in pain for years - if it had only been for one year it is not as bad as having pain for 10,15, 25, 30 or more years - if I were to actually relieve these people of pain for one week, it would be the highest gift for those who have had to endure the years of suferring and pain.
I answered him that that was much too little, and that I would not be content with that. I want to see the person healthy. I do not want to earn money on it. They say to me; “but you must buy a razor, you must buy matches.” On top of everything I am like a person who receives charity.
People may think, from the way they live themselves, and the great efforts they make to earn money; that I also want to earn money. If they believe this, then they are wrong. If that was what I wanted, I would have been among the richest on earth, rich with money and belongings. Then I would not have had to have all the trouble dealing with the poor, sick people, have them hanging onto me. Also, I would not have had to feel annoyed when they leave nothing untried in order to force me onto my knees. But anyway, I have become a very rich man, richer than all of them together. No other person as rich as me exists, that I can honestly and with firmness say, rich in power to be able to help and heal people. I think I can say; that is more, and because I consider the latter to be the right one, I say come what may, I do not give up my calling. It is sad regarding the poor sick, it is a fact that he all the time is broken down again.
I have now been discovering big findings - since I have some poor sick in distant healing – that the healing has not happened from one day to the next. I had to clean the surroundings first, I did not have enough time, and so they stand in the distant healing, not only in Germany, also in all countries on this earth. These people, I have observed this here in Germany, they know exactly what happens when they do not receive a healing wave; they get affected and uneasy. It happens always on the days and hours when I am so distracted that I am unable to send the healing wave. This can be felt at home where the sick person is. Now I want to have the time again to see to these things more and more, so that I can finally prove what it is that is happening.
I do not get angry when someone thinks he has the right to forbid me. I will give him this answer “you are a very, very big fool. And I repeat it, and I said you can sue me, I claim once more so that you do not forget; You are a very, very big fool, the biggest I have met in my life, a fool about what I do. When I added this he was beaten. For no one can say ; “I do not believe it, Gröning is a charlatan” or something like that, “it cannot be right, I’m sceptical of him”. That is the wrong word. There is no scepticism here. I say; he is ignorant!
And from where should he have known otherwise?
I do not want to compare myself to Jesus Christ, but once it was like that. People have come to me and said: “What you do can be compared to what we read in the New Testament, there is no difference”. I myself would not say anything like that. People have also written about it to me, but I am not going to read it. Up until today I have not taken any human teaching to me, I have not let myself be fooled. I am well educated, and I have not hurt any person, and not said anything untrue to anyone. The education I have is no imagination, it is education. I could have done so much; I could have totally destroyed a person who was against me. Many have advised me to do so: “Destroy those who are against you, you have the power to do it”.
I have answered these people: “No, that would be a weakness on my part if I would use the divine gift for that, no that I reject”.
And my enemies know for sure that I will not hurt them. I do not walk the path to do evil, but help and heal in order to lead them on to the right path. And that is the true, divine path which the satanic power has pulled mankind away from thousands of years ago.
Man has made himself independent; therefore he stands alone today. He no longer has the right to expect anything from God. Today man is on the wrong path. Little by little he has been pulled away, and today he no longer knows which direction is the true, divine path. When the satanic power had pulled mankind away from the right path, it blew up the bridge behind them. That bridge is built up again, I have recreated it, and now everybody can walk the path that leads to that bridge. I am not the healer; I am just as much a human as you are, flesh and blood. It is not my power, it is not human; it is the divine. I stand before you as someone who leads the way. Whether you decide on this good path is not my concern; that is the decision for each human being (to make).
(On the other side) I stand there like a mechanic who recreates the connection to the divine, to the true divine stream, which the human needs in order to receive help and healing. However, he can only receive it when he no longer thinks of the bad, the dirt; the disease. He must be firmly convinced to walk the new, true, divine path.
And I stand before you as a small transformer; that receives the power and distributes it correctly; the way each person needs it in order to receive the healing. That is roughly what I have to tell you. It is what I say now, what I have said before, what I have said for years. I said it already when I was a little boy.
When you write me a long letter, I put it unopened in my pocket. I have no need to open the letter, because I know what is written in it. You need not say anything; I know what you want to tell me. You need not tell me anything. There are four people in this room whom I am with every day, who every day observe that this is true. You do not think that Mr Enderlin would accept it if it was a lie, a deception. For that would ruin his good name.
One thing I do not allow; that a person demands anything from me. He knows too little to do that. You have to listen to my words; that I again and again ask you to live by, to watch out, to follow; to be firmly determined to proceed along the good path. Then we have peace on earth. The hate (viciousness) comes from each individual person, when he cannot like or tolerate that someone else has an easier life than him. He does not, he cannot look that another is getting salt on his egg. This must stop. Love your fellow man, I say as before; more than yourself! To me a fellow human being is always more dear; I forget about myself, I do not think about my own life, I think about the life of my fellow human.
In order for you to understand me right, I will give you one more thing; about how it will be in the future and only can be. I ask one question: Do you need to bring your radio and go to the sender in order to listen to a special broadcast? That is not necessary; you stay at home with your radio apparatus. All you do is to tune the radio on to a certain sender. In the field of broadcasting there are many senders. Here, there is only one. All you do is to tune in the radio to get the power, as soon as you have the electricity working, you also have the power.
Now, imagine that you are the receiving apparatus, and you do the same; let the power enter and tune in on the frequency from a certain sender, and you will hear what the sender is broadcasting. Not the other way around. For the sender it does not matter if the receiver apparatus is in order or not. To keep that in order so it can receive the signal, there are professionals. OK, let us assume that I was the sender, which is the truth, and you are the receiver and Mr Enderlin is the professional who can bring this apparatus into order. He does so by telling you: “Wake up and receive it!”
The sender continues to broadcast, and therefore it is not necessary that the sender comes to the receiver, or the receiver comes to the sender. Everybody stays where they are; all they need to do is to tune in the receiver. Because they do not know this, we have to, for the time being, do a common receiving.
I can peacefully leave Germany and stay somewhere else, because I send you the healing wave no matter where I am, so no matter where you are you can receive it. For you as a human this is the latest, but it is not unknown to you that such a thing also exists artificially, like the radio that is created by man. And that which comes from the divine side is the natural. We say; Nature is God, that which the Lord has let to grow and ripe so that we humans can live here. It is simply the divine power. The current we all have in there, and if we would remove it, we could no longer live. We would suffocate, and nothing would grow anymore; and woe to the human kind when they start to develop such, so that happens. I hope you have understood me.
And please do not get angry when you get pain. To come here without pan and come home with pain, and now you still have them for 2-3 days, what is that?
I ask your forgiveness, but that which was dead and is now getting alive, that is a matter of course.
When you feel like walking, walk. When someone asks if I have healed, I say as I always do; not me, I have never healed, I have just distributed the healing current correctly. There where I knew that it was good for the body that it was absorbed, there the current was received. No healing, nothing. Never me!
Here in Germany there are not many sick; very few, only 90 % not many, and everywhere it is the same. Everywhere they wait, and I want to help everywhere, and I do. It also depends on who has the chance, if not in Germany; then in some other country. Then poor Germans! Then they have had Gröning. As I always used to say, yes, the disease they had.
I hope that you have understood me. As far as I am concerned, ten bans can come and ten times ten bans can come against me. Then I (will) sit down somewhere without talking to anyone, and when people come, they will get help and healing.
Now I say goodbye. I wish you the best of health for your continued life."

Source: Bruno Gröning Stiftung archive