Here below are two interesting stories from Traberhof in 1949

First the story told by Mrs. ’I’ who was at the Traberhof in Rosenheim in Germany on the ninth of September 1949 The text is translated after an audiotape recording from the same year. The recording was made at a meeting where Bruno was present, and he asked the lady to tell about her experiences.

She tells: "I followed with great interest what came out in the media and between people about Bruno Gröning, and no one could comprehend that all these healings that were talked about really happened. Of course, there was first doubt, and you did not know what to do. It was said that he was going to Traberhof in Rosenheim. I did not think I was going there, but then it suddenly occurred to me that I had to go to Traberhof, it came from my innermost will. I was a journalist and had just started a new job, and my new boss, a famous film director, was very surprised when I asked for 3 days off after barely a week in a new job… he asked me what it was that I had lost, but he was very nice and let me get off. I thought I might as well use what I would see in my work.

On September 8th, 1949 I traveled by train to Rosenheim, and onwards by bus. Long before Traberhof, we came to large crowds, all on their way to Traberhof, there were cars of all kinds, buses, minibusses, and people who were walking, cycling, in wheelchairs, stumbling on crutches and canes, people dragging themselves with their last strength - all in the same direction. There was great solidarity on the train, everyone was going to Traberhof. The bus had to stop because it did not come any further/longer, and everyone had to move on.

Gröning had wanted to keep the sick from life until orderly relations had been established with 'Heilstädte' health centers. There were people all the way to the edge of the forest. One had the feeling that all the misery and torment, suffering and worry in the world were gathered there. People sat and lay, some could barely stand, supported by pillows, etc. No one came forward or back, you had to stay where you were. Mothers with their children in their arms - horrible - and think, it was only a fraction of all the suffering in the world, and you could only imagine how many more there were - and about everything that could not be seen behind closed doors.

The Bavarian Red Cross was there, and ambulances. "He will be here in a few days," it was said. Incredible patience prevailed, no one thought at all about leaving the place. Many had been there 7-8 days already, but it was still a good atmosphere - hope was there all the time. 95% of them sought help - 5% were curious. There was only one theme: Bruno Gröning's healing abilities - it was new to most people, one did not understand, just waited. During the day it was scorching hot, but cold at night, there were thunderstorms and rain. No one got away, but no one wanted it either. People stood like nails, pillows behind their heads, and people gathered under the few parasols that existed.

Bruno Gröning: "I never intended to do my job in this way, the press, and my opponents are responsible for that."

Mrs. I: "People came by themselves, no one said a bad word, everyone was just waiting for you."

Bruno Gröning comments: "It did not have to be that way".

Mrs. I continues: "What a misery it was to see. I was happy that I was healthy. People had seizures, epilepsy, it was heartbreaking! I had never thought about how lucky I was before I came to Traberhof.

Many sick people had come alone and lay helpless, and I helped them as best I could, with drinks turned them on the bed and other things. Incredible solidarity and trust prevailed between strangers, I have never seen the like before or since.

Now I experienced the first real remote healings. People flocked to one place, me too, where there was an old lady on the ground, I think she was a gypsy - she was lying facing the ground in for us completely inexplicable cramps in arms and legs - it lasted a long time, she was shaking and kneeling and cried - her grown son said she had never behaved like that before - people got anxiety instead of awe - I stood there and was silent. She was in the middle of a large circle of people. She suddenly straightened - with a completely explained expression on her face - up on her knees - I just knew that this moment had to be immortalized, and I had with me a camera I had borrowed, and the picture I took is still there today. The circle around her became even closer, - suddenly she got up slowly, and the son came to help, while he explained to those around him that she could neither stand nor walk, and her legs were crippled, everyone could see that.

She pushed her son aside from great determination, more of an annoying movement, and suddenly she got up - I was standing in the front row, and I could feel that she needed to walk, but there was no room because of all the people - I pushed myself back to make room and she got some space to walk on and I photographed. The son understood nothing and wanted to help her constantly, but she pushed him away. The people were shaken. She walked and walked and walked. This incident made me think, it was my first encounter with the power that one could not see, but that was there.

In the evening Bruno had still not arrived. The next morning - the hours passed - but the atmosphere was still good and harmonious, people were untidy, there was no possibility/chance for personal care, and it was autumn cold. Mr. Kuhlmann (close assistant) comforted: "He will come in 5 hours", and then: "He will come in another 5 hours"… But people were aware that it was not Bruno's fault that he was so late, he was all the time summoned by other sick, so people were patient.

In the meantime, I had met a young lady in a wheelchair from Austria. Her visa (for 3-8 days) had expired, but she did not care. We went to a small cafe nearby and were allowed to use the toilet. When we got there we saw a column of cars coming, and in the first car was Bruno Gröning, flanked by two policemen who were to make sure that he was not torn down by the people. He saw us standing there by the road, and he looked seriously at the young lady in the wheelchair, but we could not say hello, we were as frozen. We had waited so long for this moment, and then suddenly it was there! The car with Bruno drove on slowly, and I do not understand how more cars arrived, because there were thousands of people, and they stood close together. We hurried back to Traberhof.

People were agitated, there was shouting and talking, and those who had the good fortune to stand near where the car had been driving were happy: "Yes, I touched the car" - "I touched Bruno Gröning".
It soon became quiet, and a silent expectation arose, every minute he could come out on the balcony. We did not know then that it would last several hours yet, but it was good that the expectation was there because the excitement rose and rose for everyone, it was almost unbearable. And then finally, late in the afternoon, he came out.

And then came what for me was the greatest experience at Traberhof, even though I experienced so much. 9.9. 1949 - which was later called "The day and night of the great healings", and which was mentioned in all newspapers and media.

Relief and joy went through the masses when you finally came out, Mr. Gröning, but you just stood silent and watched the crowd. You looked straight ahead, and looked to one side, and then to the other. The people stood below, dead still. One could really have heard a pin drop to the ground. It is difficult to describe this great moment. You were silent for almost 1 hour. Then you said the first word: "My dear seekers of help". You spoke, and the people, these 30,000 - no one moved. What you talked about I do not repeat here, it has been reproduced in all newspapers and media. Finally, you gave your instructions and asked if anyone noticed anything, and everywhere they shouted: "Yes! ”

I myself was unhappy because I did not notice anything, it was my own fault because I could not keep my attention to myself, I was so preoccupied with others, I did not feel anything, so I was quite unhappy.
Bruno asked who had come in/with pain, and almost everyone raised their hand, after a few minutes of silence they asked the same thing, and then only a few raised their hand. Everywhere there was a cry/shoutings: "Mr. Gröning, my child can move his lame arm!" "I can see I'm not blind anymore" - everywhere shouting. You stood still on the balcony, and it almost seemed as if the shouts did not reach you, there was so much going on, it is indescribable. Screams and cries for healing, excitement.

And then suddenly, in this touching hour, something happened that can only happen once: As from a great common mouth suddenly sounded the hymn "Great God, we promise you". It was so touching that it's still hard for me to talk about it. I see it in detail as clearly as then, but I have no words to describe it. And as this chorus ascended to heaven, the heavens opened, and if angels had descended, no one would have been surprised.

In a sunset in red and gold - while the crowd sang, you, Mr. Gröning, stood on the balcony with your hands in front of your chest, your face facing the sky and tears ran slowly down your face.

Afterward, there was silence. Some struggled with tears, others let them flow freely. I have never experienced anything more touching. People were 'upset' - overjoyed, tears flowed, people told again and again what they had done wrong and now it was gone, they were overjoyed - someone could suddenly walk, etc, etc.
Suddenly it is rumored that the worst cases would be treated directly in the backyard. Immediately the masses moved, and people stormed towards the backyard, where only the heaviest cases were let in. I was with the lady in the wheelchair, and with her assistant, we talked about how we could get her in there. It was completely impossible to get there with the wheelchair. We took a detour around the entire stud and pushed our way forward and had to cross several obstacles and pillars in several places, first the wheelchair, then the lame one. To this day, I can not understand where we took our strength from, but we got into the backyard. But it was not only the sickest there, many had gotten in 'illegal'. First and foremost, there was a long line of cars, ambulances, trucks where the very sick were lying, sitting, squatting, and everyone was waiting patiently for Bruno Gröning. The inner courtyard was blackened by people, night fell, and some lanterns were lit, and everything was shrouded in an unreal light. Then Bruno came, he was immediately surrounded and had to fight to get from car to car. Afterward, there were explained and illuminated faces to be seen everywhere, the power showed itself. Bruno tried to get back, but was immediately surrounded and could not move. He distributed three silver paper balls, two to the sick and one to me. I had a bad conscience, because I was not seriously ill, I wanted to give it back, but did not come forward, and kept it. Today it is the most expensive I own. He had to free himself with force because people pulled on him and in his clothes, wanted to touch him. He had worked night and day, he must be dead tired, I thought. I did not know then that he gained more and more power from healing. He entered the house, and it was night. No one wanted to leave Traberhof. We slept for a couple of hours and it was morning, again it was the same - people stood head to head, there was an atmosphere of liberation, everyone was talking about what had happened the day before. Bruno Gröning had to go somewhere else, but no one wanted to leave Traberhof. Mr. Kuhlman did not know when Bruno would return. He asked people to go home, but no one wanted to.
The power still shone over Traberhof. The young lame lady was sad. Kuhlman stated that Bruno would send power via remote healing. Suddenly I noticed tingling and pulling in my body for the first time, and I was overjoyed. The same thing happened to the lame young lady. Suddenly she stood upright, tears running down her cheeks, and I saw how life came back into her thin legs that had been completely useless for years. We were both touched.
Several had now left, but about 30 help-seekers in wheelchairs had become friends and formed a circle with which I joined. None of them had met before they came here, but there was great solidarity between them. We spent the night in the stable - and made it homely in a small room there. In Rosenheim it was 'big business' of all the overnight people, and there was only one theme on everyone's lips, it was incomprehensible ... I remember a girl who with all her might tried to understand with her head, she had bouts of seizures and nervous breakdowns. I said that I did not want to participate in these conversations and left. I did not think about my job at all, everything that happened at Traberhof was the only important thing. Grøning did come back again later, and many heavily burdened were treated. I stayed away to accommodate those who needed it. More and more very sick people came. I had had bile and stomach problems which had disappeared, but I only discovered that later - I was so preoccupied with others there at Traberhof. I looked through a window and heard glowing stories. Bruno healed a lady who was completely stiff all over, she was as dead. In deep concentration, Bruno - step by step - made her whole body alive.
She got up and walked, and without help managed to put on Bruno's jacket, she could move the whole body. I was there for eight days, Bruno's brother and nephew came and were among us and we enjoyed it. We waited so long and heard that Bruno Gröning was in Munich. We asked our brother to go there and ask him to come, and he did. He returned in the evening and said that Bruno would come in three days. But when Bruno arrived, he could not heal because he had been banned from healing. It was a big disappointment, but two days later he could be met in a very secret place that turned out to be a workshop in Rosenheim. Bruno was then constantly 'flanked' by people and we understood that there were 'attempts' in progress. There were many healings. "


Experience report from Traberhof by Baroness Sophie Koch von Clanner:

"I had the good fortune to visit Bruno Gröning very often, and over several years, so I came in contact with him and witnessed countless healings. Because of that, I feel obliged to share my experiences and understandings with others, and I do it with gratitude, especially for our community members.

In the year of 1949, all the newspapers reported on Bruno Gröning’s sensational healings, and my daughter asked me to make an appointment with Gröning to help her husband. In the Rhineland, where my daughter was living, a healing ban and an arrest warrant had been issued for Bruno!
My son-in-law suffered from Parkinson’s disease and this had already affected his mind. By this time, he was not at all well. The doctors declared that they couldn’t actually heal him, and so they prescribed tranquilizers, such as “Atropine” and “Scopolia”.
My daughter and I had been very skeptical of the “Groening-fever” going around everywhere. But my son-in-law now placed all of his hopes in Groening, and pushed his wife continuously, so that his wish would not be forgotten.
Even though an acquaintance, Leo Harward, was the owner of the “Traberhof”, a large stud-farm near Rosenheim in Bavaria where Gröning stayed, yet all my attempts to get close to Mr. Gröning had failed.

Suddenly, I decided to go to the Traberhof with my invalid son-in-law, to fulfill his great wish.
We arrived at midday on a Tuesday. A big crowd was waiting for Mr. Gröning, and on the following days, it grew bigger and bigger. Alongside the house sat and lay the most serious invalids, all the cases you would never see in public places. Behind them were a great crowd of people, all of the other invalids and also some who were merely curious.
Bruno Gröning was absent. From time to time, a man appeared on the balcony of the house and spoke to the crowd with warm and kindly words; saying that Bruno Gröning had “illuminated” the area, in spite of his absence. But “illuminated” was a strange word for me, an unclear concept. ‘The people should believe they will become well, and should pray to God’. Sometimes another man came out of the house and cared for some invalids, but his role was only to talk to them with conviction - not to heal through his own power, but in connection with Bruno Gröning, who was sending him healing energy.
A lot of people pressed around him, so it was impossible to reach him with my invalid. Then healings happened, some through this person and some without any (apparent) assistance. When healing happened, people shouted “Healing” and then they prayed, and sang “Great God we adore you!” They believed in miracles. But I didn’t, and I couldn’t believe that anybody could work miracles. However, all the time we heard the shouts of ‘healing’, first in front, then behind me, sometimes to the right, and sometimes to the left.
I’ll merely comment on what I saw for certain near to me: I saw a lame child trying to walk - with success - and watched a man throwing away his crutches and walking, as never before. I found a gypsy woman crawling on the earth in the pains of healing - praying ardently. She invited us to support and join in her prayer. Suddenly she jumped to her feet with a happy scream “I’m healed!” and rushed to a family member sitting nearby, who was lame. She hugged him, full of joy, and he abruptly moved his legs. He stood up, with help, and he tried to walk, with success.
Nearby was a couple with a two-year-old child. He was lying on his back with a pinched face, couldn’t sit straight, and twitched his arms uncontrollably. The couple had arrived the day before and joyfully told me that the child, who could never sleep properly, fell asleep at once. After its first awakening and during the following days they saw a much-improved condition. They told me they were very glad about every little success that happened when the child was sleeping: that they would stay at least until the child was completely well.

Mr. Gröning came on Friday afternoon, and the couple went home after the following night. The child was sitting up, laughing happily in his father’s arms, and seemed to be completely well again, like a normal child.
The next evening of my stay it was raining ‘cats and dogs’. I looked for a shelter and found it inside a bus in a parking area. Inside of the bus was just a few people. I asked the driver and he allowed us to come in. Suddenly the healer came into the bus and went up to a woman – I didn’t know what was wrong with her - and he cured her. Later she declared herself healed. Before anybody else came along, I asked the healer to come to my invalid son-in-law. Gröning invited him to put his shaking hands onto his knees and hold them tight, but after repeated requests, he wasn’t successful, because his hands kept slipping up to his thighs. My invalid seemed to be the more helpless the more the healer paid attention to him. At last, my patience snapped and I said to the invalid: “If you want to get healed, you have to do what he says”. Maybe my energy was transferred to him, or he concentrated better, but the shaking diminished, and at last, ceased. The healer then left the bus. Also seated in the bus was a fat woman, maybe a help-seeker as well. She started to nag and bother us. She seemed to be enraged that I – an invader – had healing in her rented bus. My invalid was so upset about this complaining, that he wanted to leave the bus at once. I didn’t want to yield so quickly, but when I realized that he had started shaking again, so I agreed. Unfortunately, the state of his illness now became the same as before, due to this agitation.
We went to the house, where the door was open and we succeeded in entering. Just at that moment, we witnessed the joy of a mother when her daughter got back her eyesight. Then a Polish man came in. He carried a human bundle and put it on a table. We saw constricted limbs, and the face showed that it was a severely handicapped child. His mouth was deformed and he produced animal sounds. Somebody took him to another room, and after a while, he was brought back and sat on the table again. The feet were not drawn in anymore; now they hung down from the table he moved them and jokingly laughed about his feet, as his face became more and more human.
In the same room was a man. He walked with crutches and his feet were angled outwards at a right angle. This man also went into that room and came back again, clutched at my arm, and said: “Can you see, my flat feet are gone!” and he paced normally around the room. Later I saw him walking downstairs without his crutches.
We were asked to leave the house for a short time. I took my invalid to some acquaintances and went for a stroll in the nearby forest to think about all that I’d seen, and to try to bring all these experiences to some resolution. But I got no result, so I decided to stay until Gröning came, hoping to get an explanation of these incidents from him.
On Friday evening Mr. Gröning came - protected from the crowd by bodyguards. The people spread their hands out after him and tried to touch him. Then he stepped onto the balcony and asked for half an hour of silence.
With the attendance of Gröning, the mood of the crowd changed. The seething, restless mass became calm and peaceful. There was an atmosphere like a devotional communion service.
… And then Gröning came… He stood with his arms on the rail of the balcony - looking afar for a long time, and then to the crowd. What he said is already recorded, so I won’t repeat it here. His eyes looked over the crowd. Sometimes he looked sharply toward a sick person, especially when he heard a moaning, which then stopped at once.
Several shouts of “healing” came from the periphery of the huge crowd, and you could hear them right up at the front. Because I’d decided to try for a healing for myself - to get the truth - I didn’t count the number of healings that happened during the attendance of Mr. Gröning. I just couldn’t watch for them at this time.
In the springtime, I’d left the hospital after treatment for a gastric ulcer, and received advice to ‘be careful with it’. It was “cured”, but I couldn’t tolerate fatty food or cold drinks. I placed myself comfortably in a car, concentrating and watching for what might now develop in my body. Suddenly I felt my stomach moving around, as if turning inside-out, and something warm fondled the inside. Since that time my stomach has worked without any problems. Now I’ve experienced a wave of Groening’s healing power for myself, but I’ve still got no explanation as to how it happened!!
Some people near the balcony threw tinfoil-balls up to Gröning; they wanted him to charge them. But Mr. Gröning asked them not to do this. He said everybody should take an item into his own hand and then he would charge it. So I did, I took a metal item in my hand and watched to see what would happen. Suddenly I felt a current flowing into my arm; it was like an electrical stream, but it was different. Its running slowed until it reached the item in my hand.
In my opinion, the riddle was solved. I was then convinced that Gröning sent rays. He was the transmitter, and the sick people were the receivers.
Later when I spoke to Gröning – actually, I didn’t speak to him, but he read my thoughts – he said to me: "Don’t try to understand, you cannot grasp it with your mind!"
Also, I noticed that I didn’t need any food to eat during the whole waiting time (one afternoon, one night, and one morning) and this escaped my notice until my departure. The people around me didn’t need any food either.
You felt that all the people had been lifted-up into an elevated mood. I never experienced that intensity in a church. The crowd seemed to be like a solid block, concentrated on Groening. When he entered the meeting room in the house, not a sound was to be heard, and he stood there for a while without moving. With a very tense expression on his face, he analyzed the afflictions and sufferings of the people and arranged them into sickness-groups. All of the sick vibrations the invalids emanated, he took upon himself. He knew what anyone was suffering from, even though you couldn’t see any clue about it. The sick person was not allowed to tell him anything about his suffering. He also never touched people’s bodies.
He said: “I see through the bodies, I see every nerve, every detail. But I don’t explain it. God lets me see."
And he taught us how to behave: Not to think of our illness, but to observe our body and watch for reactions. Those who could ‘tune in’ this way felt the energy connection, in other words: they received the rays emanating from Groening. These rays work like a balance to bodily forces, amplifying the inner power of the soul, which makes us human. Seemingly, Gröning awakens the soul of man - he activates the forces – and addresses the source, the real reason for “diseases”.
I saw Mr. Gröning addressing a man in the background, just before he started speaking. He stopped in front of him and said: "You can go home, I cannot help you!" But the man didn’t want to leave and Gröning then said to him: “Think about how you’ve made your money!” The man stood up and left the room.

Last but not least, my invalid son-in-law went home completely healed!
Later - years afterward - I often went to the Weikersheim boarding house at Gräfelfing, near Munich, to meet Mr. Gröning privately. I could observe his influences on plants and dogs. The flowers around him wouldn’t stop growing, and you could see the happiness of the dogs sitting at his feet.
He couldn’t leave the house by day without being assailed by help-seekers. So he could only leave after dark. His stroll often led him onto a forest track with the Twelve Stations of the Cross (of the passion of Christ) that led to the Augustine monastery of ‘Maria-Eich’. One day, Mr. Gröning told me that he had picked up a little stone and had charged it; afterward, he put it down again on the ground, next to one of these twelve stations. He asked: “who will pick up this stone someday … by chance?”
At that time, this forest track was newly graveled, along its whole length. But I wanted to get this stone; I decided that I would find it amongst the millions and millions of stones. Why shouldn’t I find that stone through the rays it emitted?
I walked along by the stations. Suddenly I knew which was the right one; I’d kept my hand open with my palm down, searching over the ground, and then I felt the familiar energy-current of Gröning. Without a doubt, I knew that this was the right stone, as I felt its energy very clearly.
When I saw Mr. Gröning next time, I asked him: “Is it the right stone?” He looked at me and said "Yes’." I have kept this stone safely ever since."

A statement of Mr.Gröning from those days:
"When I have touched a globe" - (he meant the tinfoil-balls that he has charged) "all of the energies flowing around our earthly sphere will attach to it and will connect the bearer with the heavenly radiations in a never-ending Connection. So that man or woman or child (who carries it) will experience a complete regulation. (a full healing-process)."