Orignal “Die Schwingungen eines Bruno Gröning Bildes

by Dr. Siegfried Grabowsky, Berlin, Raum & Zeit 69/94

Also author of the book ’Feinstoffliche Energien richtig einsetzen und umsetzen’ (2012)

You all own photos of Bruno Gröning. How do you use them?

Do you use them only to remind you of our helper, to tune-in to the healing power, or do you use them to greater effect? What is it that gives the positive power and healing effect as you put this photo on a wound? Why does the wound heal so much faster than usual? Is there a real energy transmission? If so, what could this be? What power is it, that brings this healing effect to mankind, plants, animals, and even to apparently lifeless minerals? Recently I offered a young and sensitive lady a small photo of Bruno Gröning (she knew neither of Bruno Gröning nor of his teachings). I asked her to tell me if she could feel anything. Spontaneously - and very surprised - she said: “I am getting so warm, this can’t be possible ... but I am not imagining this.” The feeling of warmth persisted even as she put the photo aside. When I take this photo in my hand, I feel a very comfortable itching and tingling in my hands as if thousands of ants were running around. These observations encouraged me to look into this mystery. I measured the vibrations of the photo with a divining rod – a “Lechner” Antenna, (developed and patented by R. Schneider.) I examined many healing waters, healing springs, miracle sites, grace fountains etc. - so I knew exactly what to look for - which vibrational frequencies are detectable, their polarization (the direction of turning, or rotation) and how far the effect of the radiation reaches. The photo of Bruno Gröning(I used a small one, 15x18mm) contains all the seven holy frequencies (waves) which you also find at very good healing and miracle sites. All those waves turn right, i.e. clockwise - which means that they are healing waves. One of the seven waves is called “Life-power”. The life-power wave of the small photograph is so intense, that I could still measure it at a distance of 1.8 meters (or about 5 feet). We call this distance the“reaction distance”, a measure of the strength and power coming from the information in the wave. Such a long-range effect of the Life-power wave I had never yet found at any of the other healing sites or springs. If known holy sites are already causing healing and give cause for appearances and testimonies of grace, how much stronger must be the effect of the photo of Bruno Gröning? If you put the photo of Bruno Gröning on the wall of your room, or if you place it on an aching part of your body, or if you just carry it with you, you will always be in the sphere of influence of this strengthening and healing wave. This healing radiation has an effect on you, is taken-in and ingested by your organism, and the healing information will be established in your cellular fluids!

I tried a little experiment. I transmitted the waves of the photo from Bruno Gröning onto a little tube filled with water. I put the photo and the tube together into a box for two days and two nights. Initially, the water was normal tap-water with a life-power frequency of 20 cm; after the two days with the photo in the box, the life-power frequency was 60 cm. (The normal tap-water of Berlin has a value of 10 cm.) It is well worth keeping a water bottle for your daily drinks on top of a photo of Bruno Gröning so that it can absorb the healing power. The healing power that comes into the organism by means of this healing water - or the photograph - does not disappear by dilution or bodily processes, because the photo has a ’persistent’ frequency. This means that as soon as I transmit the wave from the water or from the photo to my organism by drinking it or carrying it with me, this life-power frequency is still measurable even when the photo is removed and the water is metabolized. The healing wave remains within the organism and has a lasting effect. After a certain time, the healing wave reduces because of the superimposition of negative and positive waves, which fight, and the winner is the stronger wave. The clearer my organism is, the more strongly the healing waves can work.
The photo of Bruno Gröning also contains waves or frequencies which are able to fight against bad spirits. These waves are energy-charging and have the three frequencies of the healing waves and of the global grid network (the geological zones of the earth’s surface). I would like to say once more how exceptional and extremely high the life-power radiation from the photo of Bruno Gröningis. We know that photos of dead humans usually don’t have any positive radiation at all, with the exception of photos from holy people and relics, but with much lesser distances. So, by means of this transmission, BrunoGroening is really with us and offers us his help at any time, if we open our hearts, and don’t block the good energy with bad and toxic thoughts.
Dear friends, the healing power of the photograph of Bruno Gröning is a reality and is unbelievably strong. Take advantage; experiment and carry it with you. Eventually, the healing waves will have overcome all of the negative in you, and you will be able to receive the grace of God, the divine healing power, as Bruno Gröning called it. This healing power will help you to your own best outcome if you let it happen.

Translation: Linda Reichelt