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"If mankind had listened to the message two thousand years ago,
I wouldn't have had to come."

Dear visitor,

A warm welcome to this website dedicated to Bruno Gröning: God's little helper.

Here you will find guidance on how you can receive help and healing through Bruno;
either by following the simple instructions, or by participating in our online meetings:
The english meetings are held every Monday at 8PM (CET).
You can also contact us by email:          

We have collected people's own testimonies of how they have received help and healing,
and you can also read Bruno's own words in the lectures he held, as well as
various writings from and about his unique, unusual and wonderfilled life.

Simply click the different links and get to know Bruno, who still
aids and assists from "the other side".
This is a long awaited and unique opportunity to receive help and healing
for body, mind and soul.

With warm wishes for everything good.