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A simple guide:

This is what you should do in order to receive help and healing through Bruno Gröning:

Feel free to have a picture of Bruno to look at. This is not necessary, but many people think
it is comforting to see his eyes when they make contact.
Be seated (lie down if necessary) with an open posture, without crossing your arms or legs,
and place your hands on your thighs, palms facing up. (It is best to sit without a backrest)
In your mind, contact Bruno and ask him to connect you to the healing wave.
The contact is immediate, some persons notice it as a current, or as cold or heat,
others do not notice anything at all.
Sit relaxed and focus on your body, observe what is taking place.
Let go of all thoughts and be present in the here-and-now.

To receive spiritual healing is a grace of God, and can not demanded, it can only be received.

Now give what troubles you to Bruno. Well, how do I do that, you might ask.
Just give your burdens to Bruno and never think of them again, or else he cannot help you.
Therefore, in your mind, put your ailments in a garbage bag and give them to Bruno, without
any explanation. This symbolic act is important because you will thus stop thinking about the
torments, they are no longer yours because you have given them away.
Bruno often repeated that he does not want explanations of what is wrong because it
interferes with the absorption of power and thus delays healing.
Bruno said:"Give me your troubles, because you are not able to rid yourself of them on your own."

Once you have given Bruno your ailments, continue to tune in for 20-30 minutes.
Do this every day, preferably in the morning.


It is common to get pain or to feel sick when you tune in. These are not signs of aggravation but of healing regulations. They are signs that the body is in a process of being cleansed and that the healing power is about to drive evil out of the body.
Give your body time, be patient, have trust and faith!
For some it may be helpful to play calm or soothing music to stop the flow of thoughts,
but most people prefer silence.
When you find that something that had been bothering you is gone, do no talk about it or think about it, because it might come back if you give it renewed attention.
Also it is best not to talk about it, because most people will not believe you, and their comments and attitude can have a negative effect on the healing.

Take care of yourself, continue to tune in every day and reclaim your health.